E-liquid review: Crème Fruitée (The Malayneum Brew) 30 ml- received by the producer

Batch: none

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 50% VG – 50% PG

Expiry date: none

Devices: Rx200 + Griffin 25mm top air  dual coil 0,21 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

Getting back in Malaysia today to tell you about a new emerging brand. The Malayneum Brew.

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The packaging that came with Crème Fruitée, provides a typical cardboard cylinder, a “case”, well refined and pleasant instill in its simplicity, the introduction of which in the vaping world about 3/4 years ago. The information on this case, instill reflect what is described on the bottle, including the Crème Fruitée description:

Premium blend of Fruits with tasty creamy flavor. It makes the flavor taste unique.

Crême Fruitêe the malayneum brew

The sniff test is easy to interpret. This perception alloy Crême Fruitée in bright hints of strawberry. The creamy robe is undoubtedly characterized by a generic fruity taste. But for which olfactory cues that hint citrus and other minor glazes from floral traits, remains the leading strawberry scent. The fragrance of creamy base has a structure, in olfactory, delicate but full. Crema pasticcera.

Actually I’ve always wondered how you could limit a product description to the evocation of “a cream fruit”. A “cream fruit” or “fruit cream”? For us Italians this detail is important. Crême Fruitée, I tell you, is a “cream (pasticcera) fruit”. Would be right to imagine a crema pasticcera inside which have been incorporated pieces of fruit. a cream that would be destined to fill a cake.


crostata frutta

The vaping tests, real time for you, actually follows a much more in-depth analysis of Crème Fruitée (about 20ml) occurred in recent days. Suction Crème Fruitée returns its creamy mix that leaves emerge a light taste of banana linked to other scents. The dominant one is the strawberry. Not particularly ripe and slightly acidic. Banana and cream, can dominate this acidity, while not transferring on vaping the sweetness that I would have expected. The crema emerges timidly. In addition to confirming the citrus glazes received during the sniff test, I want to emphasize the “vagueness” of these fruity scents unstructured.

Years ago, we would have gone crazy for a liquid with these characteristics. Crème Fruitée it’s appropriate for a quiet vaping. Single coil, maybe in bottom feeder. I got to test it in the past days. It ‘a simple liquid, compared to the current standards and trends in the field of e-liquid. With Griffin 25, the body and the structure of the recipe is not compensated. But we should not expect much.

Undoubtedly speak of a e-liquid that does not tire, and which has a pleasant aromatic persistence unfounded and not cloying. Often I tend to emphasize “the simplicity” as a positive value when accompanied by high-quality ingredients and full adherence to real or realistic taste. In the case of Crème Fruitée, I can not confirm a perceived of great value and “simplicity” therefore remains an end in itself, in a diverse, competitive, full of proposals and thus ruthless. Yet I understand that Crème Fruitée may be for some an ideal choice. A pleasant liquid.

The Flavourist The evaluation parameters are particularly strict as you know. The increasing number of brands and products to impose “selection and severity”. We understand that The Brew Malayneum should make its way, and deserve as others, in the international market. However, they will have to devote more time and attention to the stages of product study by identifying a specific target market.

ico 3

Pro: A simple product that can only be appreciated taking care to use very light setup.

Cons: The aromatic quality not surprise. The sweetness, in the case of a fruit cream, is poor. Not surprising.