E-liquid review:  Cremino (Decima Liquid) 60ml received by the manufacturer

Batch: BR001

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 80 vg 20 pg.

Expiry date: 15/05/2019

Devices: Rx200 + Druga dualcoil 0,18 ohm (ss316L 26 awg)  with japanese organic cotton.

Decima Liquid, an Italian brand (Palermo – Sicily), continues to fascinate us with recipes of articulated elegance dedicated to the vaping world. A vanguard of good taste in typical Italian style, while always looking at a wide international scene. The e-liquid I have today the pleasure of reviewing is Cremino.

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The product is sold in the Mix series format of 50 ml + 10 ml of base (possibly with nicotine) to reach a finished product of 60 ml. The bottle is in PET with screw cap. A packaging of undisputed effectiveness. Functional and perfect for dripping, but also for the use of atom rta. The screw closure of the bowl, also used by other brands, has in fact a very convenient “save-drop” function.

Here is the description of Cremino:

Deliziosa crema di caffè e panna da gustare a fine pasto o tutto il giorno se amate il caffè. Quando sentite il bisogno di una ricarica e siete impossibilitato ad andare al bar vi suggeriamo la soluzione: svapare questo liquido. Provare per credere.

Delicious cream of coffee and cream to taste at the end of the meal or all day if you love coffee. When you feel the need for a refill and you are unable to go to the bar we suggest the solution: vaping this liquid. Seeing is believing.


The description is partly confirmed by the graphic, delicate and inviting, presented on the Cremino label. And yet … thinking of the name of this product, I would not have imagined a coffee cream e-liquid. Or maybe yes!?

The olfactory test seems to return hints oriented towards that chocolate that we Italians know as “cremino”. A light, slightly vanilla-like chocolate cream with soft and elegant hints of coffee. A light froth. A good smell.

Despite being the Druga (atom rda) the atomizer chosen for this review, Cremino was already tasted by me with other atom. RTA atomizers (tank atomizers), always configured in dual coil. The reason for this further “vape test” … we’ll find out about the end of this review.

The puffs are particularly soft and very fluffy. For those who already know the mastery of Decima Liquid in packaging refined recipes, the Cremino tasting will be a pleasant confirmation. The top notes, unlike what emerged from the olfactory test, do not convey exactly the typical nuances of that … chocolate that is the classic cremino. Three layers of chocolate. the inner layer, according to classical dictates, is formed by a coffee chocolate paste. In some versions, with lemon or hazelnut (but also almonds or pistachios). But this is not the case.


Although these are the olfactory cues, confirmed by the vaping test, Decima describes Cremino as a “delicious cream of coffee and cream”. In fact, by carefully woking it, one notices how much the structure of Cremino is at the bottom light and how much the overall delicacy of this recipe seems to orient itself towards … a delicious alternative to the typical, banal, cup of coffee. It is not exactly the coffee the protagonist of this recipe. The taste lacks (fortunately) that “impetuousness” found in many poor interpretations of e-liquid, more or less creamy, which have the presumption of … look like a coffee. Unfortunately, these brands often concentrate – with disastrous results – on the exaltation of the “roasting” of the coffee bean. E-liquid designed for a vape in the cloud but, at high temperatures, they report unpleasant and invasive … more similar to the burnt asphalt than to coffee.

Cremino, so imagined and produced by Decima Liquid, is a triumph of measured and composed elegance. The producer wanted to create a refined recipe … dedicated to vape in cloud chasing. The Cremino base is 80 vg 20 pg. It is noted by the extraordinary vapority.

To taste Cremino with a dripping atom (like the Druga for example) would seem the best choice. The most instinctive, imagining an e-liquid 80/20. Personally, however, I appreciated this recipe more on Griffin 25 top air. Probably, any tank atomizer, thought or not for cloud chasing, would be an excellent alternative. A “closed system” that allows us to adjust the air to our liking, concentrates the aroma enhancing the mix of ingredients to the advantage (think) of the creamy feeling promoted by Cremino.

In aspiration, slow and deep puffs, they do justice to this recipe. The exhalation is an opportunity to better appreciate the mild coffee characterization. The boring smell of toast is missing in Cremino. Everything is harmonious and the coffee glides softly towards an aromatic persistence that is pleasant, delicate, but not particularly durable. Vanilla veils accompany the creamy body. A creaminess that easily evokes the sensation of a soft foam … of coffee. Little coffee. This allows us to increase the power without losing sight of the taste. Cremino is balanced, vaporous, and excellent to accompany us in long vape sessions.

While appreciating it, the choice of an 80/20 base leaves me perplexed. Cremino is an excellent recipe and a less vaporous base, with more glycol, would have – perhaps – enriched the aromatic construct for the benefit of a meditative tasting. With this base instead, the temptation to devote himself to the production of clouds distracts from taste … pushing us towards high potencies that compress the Cremino aromatic score. Perfect the degree of sweetness of the liquid. Warm and mellow notes of coffee chocolate cream. Yes … chocolate cream. A chocolate perhaps forgotten in the description of Decima but I perceive carefully evaluating the frame of Cremino. A chocolaty accent, mixed with coffee mousse, particularly appreciable and delicate.



Pro: Elegant recipe … for demanding cloud chasers.

Contro: More glycol would have perhaps strengthened the coffee note.