illusions vapor

E-liquid review: Crimson (Illusions Vapor) 10ml received by the manufacturer

Batch: CR149050317

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 80VG – 20PG

Expiry date: 05/2019

Devices: Rx200 + Bellus dual coil 0,42 ohm (Kanthal A1 26 ga) with japanese organic cotton.

Illusions Vapor is a Canadian brand distributed in Europe by RVG Distribution Ltd (UK). Today we present Crimson, the third review for The Flavourist. This brand definitely deserves the attention of a vast public. Elegance characterize recipes where the search for perfection (in terms of taste) seems to always exceed the expectations of the consumer. Nothing seems to be. Masters of illusion!

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Crimson described by the manufacturer::

Treat yourself to velvety smooth yogurt topped off with a dash of freshly picked sweet ripe strawberries. Incredibly rich and silky.

20170614 174913 01

At olfactory examination, it is not difficult to notice the particular and characteristic slightly acidic, but at the same time gentle, which characterizes the aroma of yogurt. A slight, ethereal perfume typical of fermenting odors. A delicious scent of strawberry combines with everything. Would it be limiting to tell you that it seems we drown your nose in yogurt?

It’s a try to undo that the velvety Crimson is unmistakable in all its elegance. It is not the strawberry the true protagonist of the recipe, though well present and portrayed in a dress that will soon describe you. It’s yogurt to hit us. Perfect for creaminess and acidity. Soft to the palate and creamy. The joke gives rise to intense accents and strong contrasts between them. Strawberry, exactly as described by the brand, is a light hint that (sweet) remembers the well-matured strawberries.

yogurt fragola

As far as one can believe that everything is the result of interpretations, the recipe proposed by Illusions Vapor seems perfect and captivating. Already in the “field of the real” these “interpretations” would be many. The secondary role of the strawberry (excellent) is countercurrent again to what others have suggested, in similar recipes. His tasteful exaltation is in the exhortation phase. With an 80/20 base, the vaporiness of this e-liquid is pleasing and amazes the meticulous search for Canadian aromatic herbalists. An enveloping yogurt, realistic, full bodied and velvety, which is only partly affected by the superlative sweetness of strawberry flavor. Not a masculine and spartan strawberry, but an aroma capable of (finally) expressing such things as to remember … the real ripe strawberry … or macerated in sugar. Not a use of the usual aromas in short. Search for harmony and perfection.

fragole latte

After the initial surprise, typical of the very first mouth, Crimson is very stable, structured and pleasant, but light aromatic persistence. Sour creaminess is always very natural and inviting. But how did they get such a credible yogurt? Well … easy to say. Illusions Vapor has played exalting the acidity and pushing it to the delightful borders, enriching it with great balance of a sweetness sweetly tied to a precious strawberry flavor.

The feelings expressed by Crimson are alternating and delightful. A wide range of gourmet stimuli. Essential facets that in a matter of seconds, the time of a mouthful, chiseled in the mind the sunken strawberry yogurt that we would never have eaten to taste. You do not need to think too much about taste to perceive the richness of content. All day”. So we are used to describe e-liquid that can accompany us all day without tiring. Crimson is surely this, but it is just as elegant and refined, although elegance is a difficult term to come up with … a strawberry yogurt. And yet …

yogurt fragola2

Often we reprimand to several well-known brands, best-selling products, not to represent exactly what was promised. We often talk about cakes … and we only perceive their stuffing. Candies … to the fruit, which only give fruit a taste. Same as yogurt, ice cream or milkshake! Paradoxically, the “most consistent parts” of a recipe are difficult to simulate in the field of aromas. Illusions Vapor gives us a good lesson of skill, skill and expertise. A creative effort devoted to the world of steaming. A world for which taste is all!


Crimson is not the most creative recipe offered by Illusions Vapor. Initially I was wondering why this is a scumbag. Why a yogurt e-liquid made from a brand so capable? To excel in quality. To demonstrate a qualitative level that permeates perfection. Here is the answer I feel to give. Be careful, however, not to be fooled by an 80/20 base that seems to relieve Crimson into the Cloud Chasing world. Between 30 and 40w, the Crimson tasting is perfect.

ico 4

Pro: Apparently simple recipe, but difficult to match for quality and elegance.

Cons: Nothing to report.