Describing the Ex Fumo Dare Lucem aromas, created by the genius mind of Odriù (AKA Angelo Orazio Pregoni) is so complicated and difficult that even the best aromatier in the world wouldn’t do enough.

Odriù’s aromas have been created with peculiar techniques and very different compared to the usual ones implemented in e-liquids production.

Each and every aroma in this range have been crafted mixing skillfully about 15 different aromas with a flavour, a background note which distinguishes each of them; in this way it’s impossible to grasp all the shades and notes composing them. In Crixus case the background flavour is rum.

At this point the producer’s description is what I think the best to define this aroma:

Crixus is an aroma with a balanced, rounded, refined and distnguished character, making of continuity its strongest spot. It’s in fact definitely the most suitable Ex Fumo for a daily use, due to its bodily and aromatic structure, with a simple and refined style. Ideal choice for those who are looking for taste and lightness in a single product. It hides sweet hints between intense spice and oak notes, and its softness makes it an irreplaceable product. It matches perfectly with sweet wines and cheeses, or with a great rustic rum.

I would just say: try it!

Recommended dilution: 20-25%

Steeping time: instantly available.

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