Cubana is one of the three organic aromas produced by T-Juice (others are Primo Verde and Ice Queen).

Not being a synthetic tobacco, but an organic (extracted from Cuban cigar), the aroma gets instantly pleasing and realistic. On vaping this aroma really gives the feeling of a real cigar though we have to say it has different shades based on steeping times.

Against the trend which requires a long steeping time for tobaccos, in this case I preferred Cubana in its prime version with a short steeping, as it leaves earthy and grassy notes which I found very pleasing. These earthy notes get lost while steeping and the aroma tends to get milder and blend reaching a rounder feeling with chocolate hints. Personally I also found that after steeping it for a long time (I tried a bottle left for over 6 months) the flavour tends to dull out drastically and become less pleasing.

Recommended dilution: 5-6%

Steeping time: 1-2 days for an “earthier” flavour, 10-15 days for a rounder and sweeter flavour.

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