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E-liquid review: Dallas (Blendfeel) 50ml received by the manufacturer

Batch: 1715307050050002

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 70VG – 30PG

Expiry date: 17/03/2019

Devices: Rx200 + Druga dual coil 0,14 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

Dallas, of the WHATSAMERICANVAPE (WAV) line of the Italian brand Blendfeel, is today’s review. These are interesting e-liquids, inspired by the American vaping world, made with a 70/30 base. Great classics – I would say – reinterpreted by the fine craftsmanship Blendfeel.

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#waffle #sweetcream #redfruits

Yes, you read that correctly. For this line, Blendfeel has decided to delegate, to those we have learned to call hashtag, the description of its products. A hashtag is a type of label used on some web services and social networks as a “telematic aggregator”. It makes it easier for users to find messages or information on a specific topic. The symbol “#” precedes the word that will act as an aggregator. By inserting a hashtag in an article, this article will “feed” the number of content searchable under this … subject. otherwise … I could not explain it to you.

Blendfeel is telling us that Dallas is an e-liquid that intends to evoke a waffle stuffed with cream and berries tops.


Waffles with red fruits 1024x683Dallas’s olfactory test reveals a vaguely alcoholic frame, often present when trying to emulate fried ingredients or flat batter like the classic Waffle. Olfactively, the creamy note is lost in a strong fruity body that undoubtedly approaches the world of red fruits. Just as promised by Blendfeel hashtags. Specifically stands out a mix of raspberries and strawberries that, already on the nose, is a prelude of quality, taste and … and who knows. Perception of the famous Blendfeel cream in a harmonious embrace with a sweet and fruity body.

The amazing vapidity of Dallas perfects and enriches the taste experience. Seet, but balanced, the mouth immediately presents a recipe with a strong taste, elegant … well done. It is undoubtedly the “filling” the coponent to stand out in this recipe. A mix of forest fruit with a very natural taste enriched with a very sweet cream that inspires a pleasant sensation of freshness. Although true that this fruit has a natural taste, it is also true that it seems at times very similar to a greedy topping.



I think wild berry lovers will go crazy. The cream, in its own way, an ingredient often cited by the producers but never well interpreted, is in this case a fundamental element for the success of the recipe. A great job, played all on the quality of the ingredients, of the Blendfeel brand. Its cream has no equal and the fruity combination recreated for the recipe from Dallas is a tangible proof of the ability, but also sensitivity, of Blendfeel chef.

Dallas is so delicious that … I almost risked not talking about the waffle. Of its presence in this recipe rich in taste. The presence of the waffle is balanced – in my view – to perfection. It is perhaps not easy to intercept for the less sensitive, or for those – as it is easy to happen – let yourself be persuaded in the idyllic journey induced by the seductive notes of this soft cream abundantly soiled with cream of berries. The waffle plays a marginal role, but unlike other e-liquids … in which the waffle is too marked or totally absent, Dallas mentions the classic notes just enough to keep the promise of a simple dessert, sometimes homemade, a sweet and perfect street food, a very sweet breakfast. The waffle – we know – from a little, but has its own taste. It’s the stuffing its secret.



The producer was able to dose the ingredients with great sensitivity. The tasting of Dallas will not succeed in recalling in you exactly a waffle with berries – who would succeed!? But among so many clumsy interpretations tested in these years, Dallas deserves a prominent place among the excellence of vape. The note that evokes the waffle accompanies the whole tasting and then vanishes towards the hints of the forest fruits and the cream that strongly condition a strongly engaging aromatic persistence. The role of the waffle in this recipe has a gustative weight equal to a real experience.

It is the filling that dominates the scene and Blendfeel’s filling is amazing. Do you have any doubts that Dallas will be among The Best of 2018 by The Flavourist!? The current year has just begun and we will test hundreds of e-liquid to decree the best.


ico 5

Pro: Tasty stuffing. Recipe made with extraordinary sensitivity. Excellent gustative aspect.

Cons: Nothing to report.

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