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E-liquid review: Damask (Vaporificio) 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: SL200916

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base:  n.d.

Expiry date: 09/2018

Devices: iStick TC 60w + Magma V2 RDA single coil (Kanthal A1 0.32 mm 28 awg) 0.85 ohm with japanese organic cotton.

When we talk about tobacco e-liquids derived from pure tobacco extracts, Italian producers, even though perhaps not sufficiently known across borders, they play an extremely important role in offering products related to this niche market. Vaporificio, we have already said on other occasions, is without doubt one of the largest producers in this scenario and will now be reviewing one of his latest creations, Damask.

The official description of this product says:

A symphony of rich fragrances compose this e-liquid in perfect harmony with spicy Mediterranean flavour. This blend of flourishing tobacco resins and natural sugars bring out the most pleasant and unique aroma to vaping.


For information on the bottle, I refer you to the Hunter and/or Rustica reviews.

The manufacturer’s description is not very detailed, but just enough to imply the characteristics that should own this blend: a spicy aroma without losing character and strength.

The olfactory test in fact begins to reveal to me something more about this excerpt, presenting to my nose a fairly marked tobacco scent and slight smoky nuances. In the world of tobacco’s, smoked almost always equates to Latakia tobacco, we know it all now. In this case, however, it is known that the note “Latakia style” albeit perceptible remains a bit remote and relegated to the background. The feeling is that the blend has just been “greasy” with a tobacco Latakia on a base structure made of other more delicate tobaccos and sugary.

The flavor is very inviting because unlike other circumstances, here in the tobacco nose body it is more than obvious, and so I am going to try it with curiosity.


I rely on my long-libe atomizer in terms of testing on tobacco extracts, the Magma V2 RDA. With this atom I feel safe and certain that it will be able to reveal all the nuances innermost of the blend.

The Damask breath is very enveloping, just a few snorts to understand that it is a very good tobacco. It is this time I want to say right away, because that’s how he does Damask. Like and convinces immediately. It is a full-bodied tobacco, rich and tasty able to restore strength and aroma at the same time. The bouquet is lovable and combines perfectly a slightly smoky background and just incensed with softer notes and sugar; a situation no doubt taste and complex. Vaping, I perceive among its fumes, flavors that seem to twitch inspiration showing us the sense of robustness of Latakia and its smoky notes, and expand in the heart of puff freeing sweetest hues, with a slight spiciness. I think that a Virginia and an Oriental tobacco are the ideal companions of this Latakia, work with him very well and let free in exhalation graceful oriental incense tips. Impossible not to appreciate this complexity made.


In this aromatic construction the Latakia is the flagship tobacco show with obvious bravado, but a stable and strong foundation on which to develop the whole mix. I have already had occasion in the past to try some other tobacco extract conceived with this philosophy, appreciating not just the idea sometimes less than the realization. Vaporificio with Damask keeps promises and realizes a high invoice product. It is not just a matter of dosage of Latakia, you must know how to contain freeing it at the right time.

It’s clear that we are dealing with a blend fine and subtle, absolutely tasting, forget any extravagance on how to vape it: choose atomizers little airy and above all do not exceed 15-16 watts, you would lose all the shading more details of its aromatic structure. Just so you can benefit from very ductile tabaccosa experience, we can provide richness and fullness of taste together with more gentle and sweet fragrances. Damask was designed to meet a wide audience of the extracted tobacco lovers offering also, no small feat for such liquids, a vaporous product and sufficiently kind to our coil. Not little!

Its very flexibility can be considered if we are also its only limit. So flexible to meet all or too flexible to displease many? A totally subjective matter dependent on the personal taste of the individual. Indisputable is rather the quality of the realization signed Vaporificio.

ico 4

Pro: aromatic but with character: a ductile extracted tobacco to suit different palates.

Cons: so flexible and versatile is likely to displease many Vapers.