E-liquid review: Dark Thirty (Rope Cut) 30 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: DRK031015

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base:  70 VG 30 PG

Expiry date: n.d.

Devices: Wismec Predator 228w + Recoil RDA dual coil 0.3 ohm (Kanthal A1 24 awg 0.50 mm) con with Puff organic cotton.

Does the sun no longer heat up your days as it happened until recently? Do not be afraid because today I’m going to talk about an e-liquid that, from the official description provided by the manufacturer, could bring the right warmth even in a gray and cold autumn day, an intimate e-liquid. Prepare yourself because we are about to retake in the you in the tobacco world of the famous Canadian brand Rope Cut.

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Today I’m going to talk about Dark Thirty:

A rich blend of raisin and plum tobacco with a hint of rum, it will leave your palate with a feeling of refinement and delight.

As already mentioned in the previous reviews of the brand, I repeat again the appreciation for the style adopted for the logo and the label of these products. Minimalism, sobriety and elegance overwhelming, despite the new TPD compliant bottles do not make enough justice to the graphics offered by the Montreal company.

So let’s approach our liquid, smacking the smells that come out of the bottle.

Rope Cut dark thirty TPD

An alcoholic base that reveals a scented and aromatic rum emerges from the first smell, accompanied by a sweet smell of mixed fruit jam not so easy to identify. Despite the clear aromatic sweetness of the background, the feeling that leaves the smell of Dark Thirty is typical of a liquid with warm and dark tones. The tobacco element seems to be confined somewhat in the back, perhaps well hidden by the distinct hints of the rum, which is a good one. My senses and the desire to taste the product have been sufficiently stimulated by its unpaved and enveloping perfumes, so I begin the vape test.

rum pipe tobacco

Dark Thirty is showing off its heady notes of its pleasing texture, presenting a particularly intriguing aromatic mix. Mixed fruit jar notes are pleasantly pleasing to the inspiration, never leaving the priestess to accurately identify the individual ingredients of the whole bouquet. The sensation of a fermented and moderately sweetened fruit mix is ​​one that best describes the flavor that emerges in the head notes. A jam of raisin and plums (as reported by the manufacturer), maybe even with the presence of cherries or apricots, however it is so hard to perceive distinctly the individual fruity nuances. The bouquet chosen is well represented with the distillate that in the heart of the vape wraps the whole puff. The symbiosis between rum and fruit is absolute, Dark Thirty acquires a rather complex aromatic structure, built with extreme and inexcusable elegance. The Rum, the true star of Dark Thirty, is warm and harmonious and has a character to sell. The palate is tickled at every shot by its wealth and its vigor.

It is a pity, however, that in this scenario so well-liked, the tobacco (I imagine a classic blond and dry tobacco of synthetic nature) figures just like a pale hidden ingredient who knows where in the meanders of the roundness of the liquid. The Dark Thirty tobacco tabloid is a lot less noticeable than any other company’s products, but almost nonexistent, yet … classifying it as a tobacco e-liquid seems more than right; you tastes it and without doubt you’ll say: it’s a tobacco e-liquid.

aspire zelos kit nautilus2

During the exhalation, after a long tasted with a slow and deep puff, the blend shows some timid floreal veils, and it travels the mind to some pipe blends, among the most aromatic you can imagine, very well exalted if accompanied from a nice, moderately intense body rum. A Barbados XO anniversary edition with its brilliant honey color, the perfect match.

The world of tobacco extracts is so far away in light years, but Dark Thirty slides into a valuable space in the so-called classic tabacco e-juices. Very smart and refined and made with the usual elegance of Rope Cut.

For the finest palates in search of a rich and aromatic vape but not so simple and immediate.

ico 4

Pro: Sophisticated, complex and intensely aromatic e-liquid.

Cons: Tobacco notes are imperceptible but the e-liquid leaves the idea of a good tobacco blend.