A selection of accurate raw materials, production processes that combine innovation, research and application, DECIMA is the production Atelier committed to producing liquids for electronic cigarettes, which are easily recognizable in taste, guaranteed and safe.

Great importance is given to the pleasure and refinement of sensorial perceptions required by a careful and sophisticated consumer who, in vaping, wants to relive the sensations of the past, but with a new satisfaction, clean and above all healthier. Research, competence and production experience. DECIMA is the made in Italy of liquids for electronic cigarettes that best interprets the evolution of taste. With an approach to the electronic cigarette as natural and balanced as possible.

Via Resuttana, 360 – Palermo (PA)
90146 Palermo (PA)
Tel.: (+39) 091.518074
E-mail: info@decimaliquid.com

E-liquids type: 10 ml
Base composition: VPG 50/50
Nicotine: 0,4,9,16 mg/ml 


    A unique aroma, it comes from a sophisticated mix of natural extracts with compatible profiles designed to engage the entire palate. Each puff you can enjoy the full-bodied dark tobacco mixed with the sweetness and intensity of rustic honey with an immediate reminder of a slight fragrance of dried fruit.

    Dakar is among all of Decima’s tobaccos, in our opinion its most exciting creation. An e-liquid that combines intensity and strength with a refined elegance. The merit? It is all of Decima’s flavourists that have been able to blend together, a dark and penetrating tobacco base, with enveloping shades of honey. Dakar manages to be both strong and aromatic at the same time, but never overdoing excessive flavorings. A sense of naturalness pervades this e-liquid at every puff, and its perception on the palate is more than ever lovable, although accompanied by a rather strong tobacco background. Wonderful creature…


    Dry, intense and not very sweet aroma derives from the wise mix of natural extracts that create a texture with complex nuances with rich hints of toasted nuts. A tobacco flavor that generates a fairly lasting and pleasant persistence.

    Intense, dry, decisive and vigorous: in a few words, Ghibli. A tobacco e-liquid for those who love a rough and penetrating smack-mouth vaping. The hints of dried fruit come together with great balance at the tobacco base and an energetic e-liquid comes out, which leaves no escape for any sweet type insertion. Its sharp-edged tones make it perfect when paired with a good and full-bodied craft beer. Another masterful creation of Decima.


    The thrill of polar mint, fresh, clean, like the icy expanses of the Arctic. Every puff is an invigorating feeling of freshness. Powerful and with a strong throat shot, it is ideal for an energizing vape.

    Like all fresh e-liquids, Polar also presents itself on the palate of the vaper with great intensity and strength. But we must be particularly fond of this kind of e-liquid to fully appreciate it. Since the inspiration Polar has an unprecedented arrogance, equal to the feeling of freshness that it releases after each puff. A true glacial mint ready to literally invade the taste buds without any kind of compromise.


    Sweet, fruity and fresh liquid manufactured by combining the unique flavor of the red fruits and menthol. The aromas come together in a magical marriage where the clear and decisive mentholated component does not oppress, but enhances the aroma of red fruits: a harmonious mix that offers the palate a fresh and very pleasant vape.

    Red Fairy combines the aromatic charge of wild berries with the freshness of a clean and decisive mint flavor. The bouquet is well balanced and penetrates inside the palate of the vaper showing in inspiration immediately a component of red berries (currant and raspberry), to which is added a few moments after all the vitality of the mint. At the end of the vape it leaves a pleasant blueberry aftertaste.

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    It develops a complex and harmonious aromatic profile, while Virginia, which is the basis of the mix, is accompanied by hints of smoke, spices and resinous wood. Its taste is basically sweet and sour, with a bitter undertone, its body important but not excessive, it immediately catches the attention. It is a tobacco never annoying or banal, so good for an all day vape.

    In inspiration Red Tobacco shows a slightly sweet aromatic base, but very soon this tobacco grows on more woody and dry tracks, from which intriguing bitter and vaguely smoky tips emerge. Red Tobacco is a linear tobacco, clean and never too intrusive, the emblem of the all day tobacco e-liquid. Its aromatic facets appear minimal and imperceptible and this is why it is the ideal companion for a prolonged and satisfying vape.


    Rich and mellow aroma of tobacco that is combined with the velvety taste of natural vanilla cream, for an intense flavor and not purely sweet. It creates a refined balance that woos another taste. A “must” for vanilla lovers.

    Tobacco with vanilla is a winning combination to which e-liquid companies rarely give up. Tabacco Vanilla by Decima is a soft and round e-liquid in which the vanilla, sweet and tasty is particularly pronounced. The tobacco component frames the vanilla ingredient and remains in the background for most of the puff, only to emerge with greater incisiveness at the end of the vape.


    Extraordinary harmony between the strong essence of menthol and the delicate flavor of licorice. The skilful blending of natural extracts condenses into an extraordinary balance where the singular union, enhancing each other’s aromas, takes them to the extreme of their scent. The puff is fresh, leaving the palate with a particular flavor that distinguishes this exceptional combination.

    With Tabooh you enter the realm of fresh liquids that always had many admirers in the e-cig world. Tabooh is a fresh e-liquid but by no means invasive and overbearing. During the vaporization, both the taste of mint and that of licorice are perceived with extreme delicacy and the balance between the two components is truly enviable. Surprisingly round above all thanks to the calibrated sweetness of licorice, and particularly tasty due to its pleasant post-vape aromatic persistence.


    The term that best fits this tobacco is “balance”: its refinement leaves one amazed because the blend, flawlessly formulated, is as elegant as few. The aromatic bouquet, satisfying and peculiar, is counterbalanced by a sustained strength, but not excessive is never aggressive in the mouth and leaves in the environment a pleasant scent of cotton candy.

    Decima is a manufacturer that offers a wide selection of tobacco e-liquids. To those seen so far, we must add Virginia which, based on information received from the manufacturer, is by far the most sold e-liquid of the Sicilian company. The reason is easy to say: Virginia is a “classic” tobacco with a harmonious and balanced blend, with very slight floral and vaguely sweet nuances, especially in inspiration. The secret of its success in our opinion lies in its round and particularly gentle aromatic structure. Satisfying at all times of the day.


    Freshness and loveliness are the olfactory notes of the citrus prince. Green and sparkling notes, in a solo that evolves in hints of verdello and lime. Every shot evokes the memory and pleasantness of the Mediterranean gardens.

    Yellow Sun is a sensory journey through the sunny fields of Sicily, where a typical species of lemon, the verdello, grows. From the first puff on the elegant strength of the verdello with its harsh and green notes, it manifests itself in all its naturalness, giving us an e-liquid with a lively character, which iintrigues the taste buds for its incredible aromatic fidelity to the real fruit. Unique and fascinating.