Name: Degree (Vaporesso) – Pod Mod – received by the manufacturer

Type: Pod Mod

Colors:Blue, Grey carbon Fiber, Lava, Marble, Red, Silver Carbon Fiber

Price: ~ € 45

Vaporesso Degree a small and powerful box pod

Vaporesso is certainly one of the most popular brands in the vaping sector and is also one of the most active and prolific companies in the pod system segment. After the good results obtained with Renova Zero, Click and Podstick, the Chinese manufacturer presents Degree, its latest pod mod. Will this device be able to add something new to the highly inflated pod mod market? Let’s find out together in this review in absolute Italian preview.

As usual, at the article beginning we observe the contents of the product packaging received.


1 x Vaporesso Degree Mod
1 x Meshed Pod (2 ml, 0,6 ohm)
1 x CCELL Pod (2 ml, 1,3 ohm)
1 x Ejuice filling bottle (10 ml)
1 x USB cable
1 x User Guide
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Reminder Card


Vaporesso is a cutting-edge company, devoted to innovation and to the research for new solutions for the sector, and has always stood out on the e-cig market as a manufacturer capable of producing very good quality devices, even if destined for a inexperienced user, the so-called entry level market segment. Degree, the last born in the Vaporesso house, is a clear demonstration of this. Since the first approach with the mod it is possible to notice its excellent features. The device appears solid, robust, finished in every detail and without the slightest constructive imperfection. To the absolutely impeccable construction quality, we add the refined and elegant design that makes Degree an aesthetically pleasing product. The Grey carbon fiber sample in our possession, is the most beautiful of the six proposed in our opinion, but in general Degree still convinces for its lines as modern, sober and minimal.

Degree design and build quality are without a shadow of doubt of high end level.


After admiring its external qualities, let’s focus now on the technical features of this device. Degree is a parallelepiped-shaped pod mod (box pod) that measures 90.5 x 41.5 x 16.45 mm. The battery is integrated and has a capacity of 950 mAh able to be recharged in only 40 minutes thanks to the fast 2A charge. In our opinion, due to its size and the technical characteristics that we will see shortly, the manufacturer could have dared a little more in terms of battery capacity. In any case, with 950 mAh available it will not be difficult to be able to vape about 6 ml  with the CCELL pod, while it will be difficult to overcome 3-4 ml with the 0.6 ohm Meshed pod.

On one side of the device there are the fire button (five quick clicks for switching on/off, three clicks to lock the function keys) and two small buttons to adjust the output wattage. Between the activation button and the up & down buttons there’s a very bright 0.69 “OLED display that shows the battery level, the pod’s value, the number of puffs, the voltage (when the fire button is pressed) and the power in watts.

The circuit that manages the functions of this pod mod is the Axon chip, a very powerful circuit already present on the manufacturer’s Gen mod. Obviously the version mounted on Degree has a more limited function park, but in our opinion in line with what may be the needs for this type of product.

The Axon chip, in addition to possessing the canonical protection functions that can be found in the vast majority of electronic devices in the sector, has some outstanding features:

  • recognition of the pod and setting a default vaping power (10W for the CCELL pod and 20W for the Meshed pod) adjustable up to the maximum power provided by the circuit itself (12.5W for the CCELL pod and 22W for the Meshed pod);
  • “dry-hit prevention” function which, thanks to an automatic temperature control system, protects the user from the risk of very unpleasant dry puff;
  • “low e-liquid reminder” function that reminds the vaper with a message on the display of the need to recharge the pod.
  • “pulse mode” function which provides an acceleration to the delivery every 0.02 seconds, providing a constant hit and greater power at the vape. For this last function it is possible to adjust the intensity level from 0 to 10 by accessing (fire button and “-” button simultaneously) to a bar with notches where you can select the desired intensity.

We would like to underline how these functions, after the tests carried out, turned out to be perfectly functional and absolutely useful and effective in the economy of your vape.

Regarding the pod, Vaporesso has included two types of disposable pods in this kit:

  • CCELL pod 1.3 ohm – capacity 2 ml – recommended vaping range: 7-12.5 watts (MTL vape);
  • Meshed pod 0.6 ohm – capacity 2 ml – recommended vaping range: 16-22 watts (restricted flavor chasing – DL vape).

The small and compact cartridge fits perfectly inside the special compartment and to remove you have simply to pull the extraction tab.

We close the chapter on the characteristics of this product, noting that Degree has a slightly flared proprietary drip tip and with a rather small internal hole that lends itself well to both a very closed and contrasted puff and a more airy one (restricted flavor chasing). Finally, at the base of the drip tip there is a small ring which regulates the management of the airflow by acting on two air intake slots completely partializable.


Vaporesso’s choice for the e-liquid refill operations and pod replacement is certainly a winner. Probably at the moment there is nothing easier on the market to offer to a user who wants an e-cig so easy to use. With Degree, after having positioned the cartridge inside the mod, it is sufficient to place the tip of the bottle on the hole besides the drip tip, exert a slight pressure on the valve designed to guarantee a refill without leakage (Vaporesso’s proprietary PTF system ) and insert the e-liquid. We have already mentioned the replacement of the cartridge: since it is a pod with integrated and non-replaceable head coils, when the pod has exhausted its life cycle, all you have to do is replace it with a new one.

The only small defect we found is the difficulty in controlling the residual e-juice level in the cartridge. On the removable door of the mod, the “V” of Vaporesso was carved with the aim of checking the amount of e-liquid. Unfortunately the slits of the stylized “V” are not large enough to ensure an easy reading of the residual liquid. Fortunately, this problem is minimized by the presence of the “low e-liquid reminder” function which informs the user with a message on the display indicating the need to refill the pod.


We will now analyze the Degree performances in relation to its two supplied pods:

  • Pod CCELL coil 1.3 ohm – The puff is very linear, fluid and silent, a pure MTL with a tendentially cold vapor and a rather low hit (the pod is essentially designed for liquids with nicotine salts). Aromatically speaking, the performance is good, but in our point of view it is not excellent, the pod seems to be missing some nuances in the more complex e-liquids. Finally, the longevity of the coil is good, estimated around 20-25 ml of liquid;
  • Pod mesh coil 0.6 ohm – The puff is slightly warmer and just as fluid, ideal for lovers of restricted flavor chasing. The hit is more pronouncedthanks to the higher wattages and from the aromatic point of view this pod seems to have greater richness and completeness than the CCELL coil. In terms of longevity, the performance is almost identical to the 1.3 ohm pod.

The vaporosity of the two pods is on average, nothing striking and therefore if you search for big clouds you have to turn to other products. What is important to emphasize, however, is that we are faced with a system of disposable pods that is not affected in any way by the age-old problem of e-juice condensation affects many devices on the market. Degree is a pod mod that is always dry and clean.


Vaporesso Degree is a high quality pod system and in our opinion superior to most of the competing box pods currently on the market. The current price isn’t real competitive, but still justifiable by the high quality of the product. But we would like a further effort by the manufacturer to improve the aromatic performance of its pods.

Recommended to: newbies, skilled and hardcore vapers.

  • 9/10
    In the Box - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Design & Build Quality - 10/10
  • 8.5/10
    Features - 8.5/10
  • 10/10
    Coiling, Wicking and Filling - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Performances and Flavour - 8/10

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