Digiflavor S G MTL Tube Kit – review

Today we will talk about the S G MTL Tube Kit manufactured by Digiflavor, a Chinese company belonging to the large family of the Geekvape brand. Although the product subject of today’s review has been on the market for a few months already, the team of The Flavourist considered it appropriate to present it here on the blog pages, because in all likelihood it is a device worthy of attention, if only because it is an entry level kit designed mainly for a real cheek vape, currently and without any doubt the most requested vape mode on the Italian market.

Before starting with our review, let’s look at the main features of the product and the contents of the package as always.



  • Name: S G MTL Tube (Digiflavor)
  • Format: Tube Mod con batteria esterna 18350 o 18650 + tank Siren G
  • Max Power: n.d.
  • Colors:  Black, Stainless Steel, Gunmetal, Rainbow
  • Price: ~ € 45


  • 1 x Mod SG Tube
  • 1 x Siren G tank 4ml
  • 1 x Geekvape coil 1.2 ohm (8-12W)
  • 1 x Geekvape coil 1.8 ohm (7-9W)
  • 1 x Drip tip
  • 1 x Spare parts bag
  • 1 x USB Type-C cable
  • 1 x User manual

Digiflavor S G MTL Tube kit 04


Solid and well made, this is how the S G MTL Tube kit appears from its first approach; the aesthetic lines are clean and essential and on a constructive level the product appears to be of more than good quality, leaving the user with a feeling of quality that is certainly above average thanks to the excellent steel workmanship.

Digiflavor S G MTL Tube kit


Due to its characteristics (which we will see very soon) and its size, the Digiflavor SG MTL Tube Kit is a vape system suitable for a novice user, but for sure, we are ready to bet it, it will not be disdained even by vapers long-term. The mod is just 94.3mm high and about 149mm in 18650 configuration with atomizer mounted; it has a diameter of 22 mm and a total weight slightly less than 180 grams with 18650 battery.


Despite being quite high with 18650 battery, the SG tube and the Siren G atomizer are in practice manageable and equipped with Good portability. In my opinion, the ergonomics of this product are also good, which always allows a solid and safe grip.



The SG Tube is a very simple device to use: no display, much less the possibility to intervene and act on the functions and settings of the vape; the user is simply asked to use a fire button to vape (five clicks to switch on / off), adjusting the delivery power through sequences of three close clicks of the fire button. It is possible to choose to vape at a power of 3.7V (green light), 3.4V (blue light) or 3.1V (red light). Finally, on the device there is also an air regulation control by means of a ring nut with limit switch that allows you to choose between 1 and 4 small open air holes.


The Digiflavor SG tube is powered by an external 18650 or 18350 battery. In the first case you can appreciate the long autonomy in terms of time thanks to a supply that never exceeds 3.7V. The presence of a 1.5A USB type-C socket allows this device to recharge relatively quickly.

The presence of a small bright LED immediately under the US socket indicates the residual charge level of the battery itself:

  • Green Light: battery between 100-55% (> 3.9V);
  • Blue Light: battery between 55-20% (3.5-3.9V);
  • Red Light: battery between 20-0% (<3.5V).

Digiflavor S G Tube Mod batteries

Finally, this device does not lack the most classic protection functions that are now equipped with all the most common vape systems, from short circuit protection, through low voltage protection and continuing with the canonical protections for too high a charge or charge. Too short.


There is very little to say about the ease of use of the Digiflavor SG tube as this device, as we have just seen, is only equipped with a delivery button and the ability to easily adjust the delivery power and the air flow. In addition, on the tube, just above the fire button there is a locking lever of the fire button, which allows you to lock the delivery button without necessarily having to turn off the device.


The kit included in our review includes the Siren G tank (capacity of 4 ml or 2 ml in the TPD version) and two coils, the 1.2 ohm Geekvape coil for a vaping range between 8 and 12 watts, and a 1.8 ohm Geekvape coil that allows you to vape at a power not exceeding 9 watts. It goes without saying that both coils are meant for a pure cheek shot (MTL). The replacement / removal of the coil on the Siren G is very simple: simply unscrew the base of the atomizer and extract the worn coil by pulling towards you and insert a new one simply by pressing. Easier than that …

digiflavor siren g mtl rta atomizzatore 4ml 22mm

The Siren G comes with two 510 drip tips with double black delrin orings. The shorter drip tip has a height of 13.3mm, an inlet hole of 3.9mm and an outlet hole of 4.2mm. The second dri tip is 18.3mm high, has an inlet and outlet hole of approximately 3.6mm.

Although aesthetically appreciable, the drip tips of this kit represent in our opinion the real weak point of the Digiflavor SG MTL Tube Kit, penalized by the fact of being too thin and with holes with a really too narrow diameter, with the natural consequence of heating up a little. ‘too much and have a tendency to gurgle. We also saw an improvement in the aromatic yield of the Siren G, replacing the supplied drip tips with others that we believe are more suitable and performing.


The refill of the liquid inside the Siren G is carried out from above, simply by slightly unscrewing the top cap equipped with a bayonet connection and inserting the liquid in any of the two large filling slots.

But how does the Siren G behave in the vape test?

The Siren G is a pre-made coil atomizer that bluntly works really well and has an absolutely enviable aromatic yield. The atomizer has no construction flaw, has no condensation problems and is easy to manage and perfectly matches the SG tube. Too bad only for the supplied drip tips …

Ultimately, even with the flaw of its drip tip, the Siren G offers a shot that is always very clean and linear and dignifiedly silent. The aromatic yield with any type of liquid is also good, although in our opinion, it gives its best with tobacco liquids.


The Digiflavor S G MTL Tube Kit is a successful product, conceived and studied in an exemplary way, and made just as well to meet the demands of a vast audience of vapers. If you are looking for an entry level product but of quality this is the kit for you or you could also take a look at THIS OTHER VERY INTERESTING KIT …

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Suggested to: Newbies, skilled and hardcore vapers.


  • 7.5/10
    Luxe Q Features & Box - 7.5/10
  • 9/10
    Design & Build Quality - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Ergonomics & Portability - 10/10
  • 7.5/10
    Functions & Performances - 7.5/10
  • 10/10
    Ease of use - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Luxe Q pod & Flavor - 9/10