Unmistakable, unmatchable and adorable clove scent!
Oh yes, this aroma plays its cards out and without any doubt it reveals itself from the first drag, so the first thing I feel like saying is: not suitable for those who don’t like the smell of cloves; for everyone else I will say that it’s a must-try tobacco concentrate to taste a very famous (actually the most famous) Indonesian cigarette.
Djarum cigarettes, in fact, are typical Indonesian cigarettes composed by a mixture between tobacco (60%) and cloves (40%).
You will notice that the clove taste will cover almost completely the tobacco, but in my opinion it’s still an unique aroma in its own kind, which is not suitable for an all-day vaping, but it should be tried in particular circumstances and situations, pairing it for example to some good tea or exotic drink.


Recommended dilution: 2,5%

Steeping time: at least 7 days.

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