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Nome and Format: Donna barbuta (Tornado Juice) – Aroma concentrato 20 ml – ricevuto dal produttore


Nico: 0 mg/ml

Base: Full VG

Expiry date: n.a.

Devices: SVA Penguin BF + wasp nano RDA  parallel coil  0.25 ohm (26 ga SS316) con Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

So let’s talk about an all-Italian reality that has mastered and with great knowledge of the vaping world, to enter the heart and houses of a good part of the vapers. We are talking about the guys from Tornado Juice, an Italian brand that we have come to know both for its “regional” line: e-liquid inspired by elements that characterize the regions from which they inherit the name; both for the new Synergy Vape line created in collaboration with Blendfeel inspired by the world of flavored tobacco, which we are reviewing for you in recent days.

Today, however, we will take a small step back and we will talk about the “freakshow” line of Tornado Juice that has won us over with fluids of frivolous and irreverent characters in pure “freak” style, certainly well studied and well made by the Italian manufacturer. So here we are arrived at the last liquid of the line the Barbuta Woman, already from the name we are sure that it will be impossible to be disappointed in fact as the saying goes: Bearded woman …!

tornado juice donna barbuta

The bottle of the Barbuta Woman is a 60 ml “unicorn bottle” with the now canonical 20 ml of concentrated aroma to which to add the base with the nicotine gradation that we prefer, the product is supplied in a cardboard box with a simple graphics that show the logo with bright and colorful features, with a strong visual impact. Even the bottle resumes the same theme of the packaging that in this vortex in movement, with white and green nuances, manages to transmit us with great visual impact the characteristic elements and the traits that the producers took inspiration for their creation.

In fact, the Barbuta Woman is described as follows by the producer:

This Freak knows of past times, is a real flashback of those moments where at the bar downstairs a nice glass of milk and mint was drunk: sweet and creamy, definitely refreshing. For those days of summer vaping or for a cool evening vaping.

Reading the description the first feeling that has been unleashed in us, I believe in you that you read, was that of nostalgia, that indelible feeling of when a child returning from the sea or a day out you could get your beloved milk with the mint that made you forget the “labors” of the day, with that touch of refreshing creaminess that only a combination of flavors so simple, but at the same time tasty, could transmit you. Will the guys of Tornando Juice have succeeded, that until now have not done anything wrong, to enclose in this little bottle all the emotions and the unique tastes of this incredible and inimitable drink?

donna barbuta evo aroma 20 ml tornado juice

So I take the bottle the stappo and close my eyes, there is no doubt I am definitely in front of a glass of milk and mint, the feeling that this liquid transmits to the smell does not deceive us the elements are real and almost tangible. The quality of the natural raw materials used is certainly at the highest levels, in fact the liquid strongly releases all its elements mint is certainly present but not excessive, well balanced by a strong creamy component of milk with which it goes to create a perfect combination of refreshing gluttony without being excessively unbalanced. With a very positive olfactory test and with a thousand memories that whirl through the mind we can not help but rush to the test of vaporization.

The first puff creates like a hurricane, an overwhelming mix of real and pure milk and mint emanates with force breaking down on our palates. An aromatic base really full, full of character, which strongly satisfies us by inhaling the breath on levels of sure excellence. The mint is the first protagonist, which does not attract all the attention on itself, indeed it is very delicate and never invasive, does not deliver that feeling of ice that lately is so fashionable, but a light and delicate tip mentolata well distinguishable, which finds its maximum strength in mingling with the thick creaminess of the milk with which it is intertwined by binding the molecular components in a masterly way. The sea of ​​white milk, soft, creamy and well sweetened is crossed by green mint lines that go up the stream to leave us in the final stage of the inspiration-phase a unique feeling of freshness, accompanied by a good sugar dose that does not saturate and does not distort the taste of the mix that is well balanced and round.

donna barbuta

A delicious aromatic combination, unique in its kind, which brings to mind the past times with great elegance and that is never unbalanced. A milk and mint with a strong and well distinguishable aroma that infuses new life with a taste that is slowly disappearing and that is proposed again without exaggeration and with a unique and well-marked naturalness. The aromatic structure really takes us to that bar used in the description, we with our milk and mint the sun behind, this means that all the elements are in place and make it a liquid suitable for everyone to use every day even all day or just as a moment of relaxation.

Suggested dilution: about 33% = add 40 ml of vegetable glycerine inside the bottle containing the aroma.

Steeping time: Immediately ready.

ico 5

Pro: A great aromatic combination for everyone.


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