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E-liquid review: Donn’Amalia Leaf (Vitruviano’s Juice) 20ml received by the manufacturer

Batch: 07I17

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 50VG – 50PG

Expiry date: 09/2019

Devices: Rx200 + Vandy Vape Berseker RTA single coil 0,80 ohm (KanthalKanthal A1 28 awg 0.32 mm) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

From the collaboration between two important personalities in the world of Italian vape, a little line is born with the word “leaf” characterizes historical recipes of Luigi D’Alessandro, founding genius of Vitruviano’s Juice. Azhad is a high-sounding name that over the years has been able to earn (and deserve) an undisputed respect, as a precursor in the art of extraction of fine tobaccos. A few years ago with the name Azhad Elixsir signs his creations.

I wanted to call it “a little line”, but Luigi D’Alessandro defines it as an extension of the range of his classic creations. An idea, a whim … a great stroke of style that, involving the experience of Azhad, risks presenting itself to the market as a real milestone in the international vape scene. We will see why in the continuation of the review. After all, it is certainly not the first time that the world of pastry meets tobacco.

Today I will review Donn’Amalia Leaf, a tabaccos reinterpretation of a recipe that in 2015 won the Best Of  by The Flavourist.

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Donn’Amalia Leaf described by the manufacturer:

Traveling back in time through the streets of a typical village fair, the aromas of caramelized almonds, pistachios and toasted hazelnuts blend the essence of Cypriot Latakia  and African Virginia, surrounded by the sweetness of vanilla and the magic of custard. Let yourself be enchanted by Donn’Amalia Leaf for a typical “Italian wedding”.

This “Italian Wedding” seems to live all in the olfactory sensations and as usual, the first test of The Flavourist will be the olfactory one. Intercepting the nose the precious range of hints typical of the recipe of the Donn’Amalia, which over time we have already had the opportunity to appreciate, is not difficult. An intimate, warm and involving construct of dried fruit, fragrant caramel cues. The notes of the pistachio are evident, softened by the caramelized almond, but above all the roasting of the hazelnuts. Personally I perceive intense an important note – often neglected and not mentioned – that recalls the “priest’s chestnut” (castagna del prete). Mild insights and assonances with honey, blend with this mixture of contrasting perfumes between elegance, softness and woody fragrance. The tobacco frame is great olfactory consistency, but at the moment it seems difficult to give a precise connotation. Through this emerge fleeting hints of cinnamon well softened by vanilla and a perceptible but particularly mild creaminess.

Toasted Rosemary Cayenne Mixed Nuts

We will discover the “versatility” of Donn’Amalia Leaf, but also its limits in the choice of setup and the most appropriate atom for an honest tasting. Choices that can, without necessarily thinking of high-end atomizers, make greater justice to the refined work of its manufacturer. Among many possibilities I thought it was right to test this recipe with Berseker RTA from Vandy Vape. A valid atom, from the right price. Very widespread to date among our readers.

I start this test with deep puffs and an airy draft (as far as possible for a Berseker) full of taste. Donn’Amalia Leaf immediately looks delicious and ambiguous. In part mysterious, but focusing carefully on the flavors proposed, we realize how much work was necessary to be able to represent the classic Donn’Amalia, in this new role characterized by tobacco. It is the vision of Luigi D’Alessandro to relive once again in this wonderful taste mix. A vivid childhood memory of which we have already had the opportunity to tell you in celebrating the figure of Donna Amalia and the recipe (the classic) that you find here reviewed on The Flavourist. The stalls on the feast day are sparkling and chaotic actors of unmistakable colors and scents. A culture that Vitruviano’s Juice has always promoted and celebrated by tickling our emotions, evoking childhood memories. Intimacy and comfort .



I could, as I usually do for duty of service to our readers, detail carefully on every single ingredient perceivable in this recipe. The truth is that Donn’Amalia is a well-known liquid by now and this “Leaf” version – created in collaboration with Azhad Elixsir – is an appropriate “re-adaptation” in order to create a new version. A perfectly successful tobacco character that perhaps deserves to be valued. This is not a particularly creamy character and the emotions that evoke the world of dried fruit, pralines, after all, are so engaging, so pleasantly changeable. The ingredients, during the same vaping session, often exchange the starring role and then merge again into the recipe as in a single vibrant burn of measured sweetness and fragrant woodiness. But the frame of tobacco, mixed and expertly studied with Azhad, thanks to the intensity of that “priest’s chestnut” (perceived by me during the olfactory test) and the cinnamon, exceed my expectations.

castagne prete

In the description of the product – speaking of tobacco – two varieties are mentioned. Cypriot Latakia and African Virginia . Some typical traits of these tobaccos seem to be lost in the great construction of the recipe. Latakia is undoubtedly refined by Virginia, but also by the many gustatory and olfactory cues inherent in the caramelized mix of dried fruit. This does not appear to you as a strict judgment. It is actually a great merit of Donn’Amalia Leaf. A balanced and appreciable choice of great elegance.

latakia bag

But in this elegance, I do not deny it, I would have liked to appreciate, and therefore perceive, also the intensity of that typical incision of Cypriot Latakia . Greater definition of tobacco and the peculiarities of that noble affumigation. Donn’Amalia Leaf is excellent and The Flavourist will soon be involved in the review of Positano Leaf.

ico 4

Pro: Extraordinary balance and great exercise in sensitivity and research.

Cons: I would have appreciated a greater definition of the typical characteristics of Cypriot Latakia and African Virginia. Only a little more.