Name and Format: Double Tobacco – Prestige Riserva line (Bandz) – E-liquid 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 250220/27

Nico: 4 mg/ml

VPG composition: 50 PG / 40 VG / 10 H2O

Expiry date: 02/25/2022

Devices: Kizoku Limit RTA single coil 1.05 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) + Innokin Ares 2 RTA 24 mm single coil 1.0 ohm (Khantal A1 27 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

Today I return to talk about the Italian company Bandz that I have already had the opportunity to welcome here on the blog, talking about some of its e-liquids and above all, which I was lucky enough to know thanks to a long visit to the company with an attached interview. Bandz is a company that does not target the niche segment of hardcore vaper, but that on the contrary focuses on products intended primarily for the general public of novice people with little knowledge of vaping. Addressing such a large audience, Bandz knows that contextually with the manufacturing activity, it is very important to make and spread the vape culture, keeping in mind that this is still a simple tool to quit smoking, the best to easily abandon analogue smoke and definitely the least harmful.

Having established in exceptional circumstances that in this particular 2020, the blog would have focused only on reviews of tobacco products, the Bandz product I am about to present to you is obviously a tobacco e-juice. I’m going to tell you about the Double Tobacco by the Tuscan manufacturer’s Prestige Riserva line, a line of tobacco extracts extremely clean, so as to be easily usable by any type of user, especially by the less experienced .

In this sense, the manufacturer declares that the tobaccos of the Prestige Riserva line after being briefly macerated, are ultrasonic extracted and then treated with a sophisticated filtering and distillation technique that separates and eliminates all the insoluble parts and those considered potentially harmful.

The manufacturing company thus describes its Double Tobacco:

(Samson tobacco) Molto intenso, tabacco allo stato puro con nota di passito in coda

(Samson tobacco) Very intense, pure tobacco with a note of passito in the tail

Before focusing on the Double Tobacco tasting, I remember that this product is marketed in the 10 ml ready to vape e-liquid format (TPD notified).


On the smell Double Tobacco offers few points of evaluation as it is substantially odorless and is therefore unable to reveal, which is typical for the majority of extracted tobaccos, hints and aromatic notes sufficient to give it a specific address and connotation. Never as in this circumstance does the smell test refer me directly to the vape test to understand the peculiarities of the Bandz product.

So here I am ready for the vape test that I decided to face with the Kizoku Limit RTA and with the new Ares 2 by Innokin.


The Samson tobacco indicated by the manufacturer in the description is notoriously a rolling tobacco which, in its different forms, has different degrees of intensity. Double Tobacco from the first puff shows an enviable body and above all is particularly dry and direct on the palate. The guidelines are drawn: a no-frills vape, very linear and never tiring.

In inspiration, the tobacco base is typical of a Burley tobacco without specific aromatic hints but deeply clean and dry. On this tobacco background, creep with good strength the dark notes of a Kentucky fire cured that gives structure and body to the blend, without showing the tipical manure notes of a strong Kentucky tobacco. The puff is light but well perceptible and leaves the field in the heart of the vape at the entrance of more amiable stamps even if only barely mentioned.

In this phase, the blend appears definitively complete and jointly presents all its characteristics: the dryness of Burley, the robustness of the Kentucky and the roundness of Virginia, very important to close a circle within which the balance between the three tobaccos is perfect. The vape of Double Tobacco closes with a slight nuance of vin santo in the tail with a pleasant hints of barrel wood, a peculiarity that unites all the extracts of the Bandz Prestige Riserva line.

The vape closes with a modest aromatic persistence which, precisely because it does so, gives Double Tobacco the label of perfect all day e-juice.

Double Tobacco is a blend that is almost subdued and silent when compared to more full-bodied and vigorous organic tobacco extracts, to be understood those designed and created for the small market share of tobacco e-liquids purists; in reality it is a blend that has the great advantage of allowing all users who use e-cig simply as a deterrent from traditional cigarettes to get in touch with the world of extracted tobacco. Do you think it is a few thousand people? I assure you that we are talking about over 90% of users in the sector and we would do well everyone (including me) to remind us more often.

Pro: Very linear clean and intense all day tobacco. You forget to rebuild your atomizer or change the headcoil.

Cons: The extreme cleaning of the mixture inevitably removes tobacco cues and aromatic nuances.