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E-liquid review: Emilia – linea Regionali (Tornado Juice) 60 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 07/2017

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base:  max VG

Expiry date: 07/2019

Devices: Laisimo Snowwolf 200W plus + Geekvape Peerless RDA single twisted coil 0,40 ohm (Kanthal A1 24 awg, 0.50 mm) with Cotton Bacon V 2.0

The e-liquid I’m going to talk about is produced entirely in Italy with 100% made in Italy raw materials. The manufacturing company is headquartered in Parma and the brand with which it markets its products is Tornado Juice. Do you already know it? Otherwise I suggest you visit the manufacturer page where you will find all the articles already written by The Flavourist. Today I will talk about Emilia, an e-juice from the “Regionali” line.

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The Emilia bottle is a “unicorn bottle” in the well knwon Mix Series format of 50 + 10 ml on a max VG base; it is supplied inside a cardboard box with a simple but lively and colorful graphic, with a good visual impact. Each liquid has the name of an Italian region and I imagine that in its features traces some typical aromatic characteristics of the region to which it is inspired.

Emilia is officially described as follows:

Immagina un buonissimo biscotto di frolla, arricchito con panna e gocce di dolcissimo cioccolato al latte. Adesso immagina di inzupparlo in una tazza di latte caldo, e di assaporarlo morso dopo morso. Emilia racchiude in sé la quintessenza della prima colazione.

Imagine a delicious pastry biscuit, enriched with sweet cream and drops of sweet milk chocolate. Now imagine to soak it in a cup of hot milk, and taste it bite after bite. Emilia embodies the quintessence of breakfast.

The recipe for shortcrust biscuits enriched with chocolate and milk drops is a classic in the great international menu of e-liquids, an evergreen that few manufacturers can give up. The reason is simple: if done well, the shortbread biscuit with sweet cream and chocolate is a very tasty landing place to which no self-respecting vaper can resist, even if only for a short tasting. Now we just have to find out what the guys from Tornado Juice have combined …

Emilia tornadojuice

Often a precise and clear visual reference or reference to a well-known real product is better than any description, however accurate and precise it may be. Do you have a pack of “Gocciole” biscuits at home? I’m sure yes, so open it slowly and smell its precious content: Emilia smells the same identical and enchanting fragrance. At this point, all my attempts to describe the olfactory perceptions released by Emilia, I realize that it would be absolutely superfluous, because we are in the presence of a sibillina emulation. On the smell the e-liquid is perfectly faithful to its own official description.

So I catapult with voracity towards the vape test with my Peerless RDA. The meeting of the taste buds with the shortcrust biscuit is immediate and overwhelming. A full-bodied aromatic base, rich in fragrance, which dominates the scene without compromise. Rebellious and effective hints of fresh sweet cream amplify the voluptuousness of a biscuit already in itself fat and buttery. Although without particular nuances, the Emilia’s puff it’s a pure sensory abandonment.

biscotto gocciole

A “biscottone” for true gourmands that certainly does not fail for intensity and fullness of taste. A marked aromaticity, which, thanks to an unquestionable sense of naturalness, never leads to cloying. Even if aromatic elements such as biscuit, butter, cream, milk and in the last instance chocolate, would easily leave the mind behind. How many times has it been said that certain types of e-liquid are not very inclined and indicated for an extended vaping? Well, Emilia is the classic exception that confirms the rule … On paper a liquid not for all day, but in reality, a warm and creamy all day vape.

Its aromatic structure is able to evoke well a steaming and warm winter breakfast all made with milk and biscuits. And what a cookies!

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In fact, the softness of this bouquet, so round and amalgamated, is further enhanced with infinitesimal chocolate accents, real drops of sweet milk chocolate that shyly peep out during the expiration phase. A touch of richness and flavor that goes to embellish a really well prepared recipe. What makes this recipe more delicious also represents its small limit: the hegemonic trait of the “biscottone” in fact, tends to conceal and hide any other aromatic veiling, making the liquid substantially just a bit variegated.

GOCCIOLE PAVESIAnyway Emilia, with all her fullness, projects us limpidly and without forcing the image of a cup of hot milk flavored with delicious and fragrant chocolate chip. The aromatic persistence after vaping is an indelible testimony: on the palate the same aftertaste remains of crumbly and floury crust that is perceived after having soaked and bitten a real “Gocciola”.

ico 4

Pro: Delicious shortbread biscuit with fresh cream and chocolate chips.

Cons: Be prepared to regenerate and change cotton often.