Name and Format: Ermete (Diplomatic) – Concentrated flavour 10 ml

Batch: AR102020

Expiry date: 11/2023

Used Base: 47.5 PG / 47.5 VG / 5 H2O


Diplomatic E-liquid is a new Italian vape manufacturing company based in Taranto. Although the brand has appeared on the Italian vape scene only few months ago, the Cucci family, owner of the company, is certainly not new to the sector thanks to the long previous experience with the ToB Italia brand. Starting from today, therefore, I will begin to try the aromas of this new brand for you, starting with what is considered the diamond tip of the whole line: Ermete.

It is useless to hide it, Ermete already evokes and emulates from the name a well-known Italian aroma which, especially in the three-year period 2014-2016, was one of the top selling flavors in Italy. It must be said that precisely that aroma has changed its formulation over time, according to what was reported by the Cucci family, while with Ermete, Diplomatic promises to re-propose the original formula of the old brand’s aroma, a formula that made it one of the most popular tobaccos ever.

The range of Diplomatic products is really very wide, because there are currently over thirty aromas marketed, all in the concentrated aroma format in 10 milliliter bottles.

The manufacturer gives us this description of its Hermes aroma:

Ermes il messaggero degli Dei ti porta un dolce messaggio, fatto di un tabaccoso dolce che non stanca mai, le sue diverse note lo rendono speciale ed unico nel suo genere, accogli il messaggio e sentiti un “Dio”.

Ermete the messenger of the Gods brings you a sweet message, made of a sweet tobacco that never tires, its different notes make it special and unique, welcome the message and feel like a “God”.


On the smell Ermete has an important biscuit imprint, aromatically very pleasant and also quite marked. I am immediately struck by the fact that this biscuit note is very extravagant and unprecedented, in other words quite distant from the biscuit-based formulations that we are used to smell and vape in most of the recipes currently on the market. The scent of biscuit is flanked by a lovely vanilla nuance in a synergy that appears perfect. So Ermete is actually just a creamy aroma? Judging from the smell test it would seem so, but I don’t want to draw hasty conclusions, at least not before having tried it in vaporization.


Devices: Aspire Mulus 80 W with 0.7 Aspire coil + Innokin Sceptre with 1.2 ohm coil

I prepare myself for the vape test to understand if and how much tobacco there is in this recipe.

    innokin sceptre pod mod

For the vape test I used two pod systems of undisputed value and excellent performance, the Aspire Mulus and the Innokin Sceptre, taking care to equip both devices with coils suitable for a classic MTL vape.

Ermete was the son of Zeus and the Pleiade Maia, he is one of the twelve Olympians and in Greek mythology he had the role of messenger of the Gods. In vaping the aroma Ermete becomes a messenger of the whole class of synthetic tobaccos and, from the first puff, any doubt emerged from the olfactory profile, revealing itself to be a priceless tobacco aroma. The creamy conjugations appear on inhalation with the same characteristics sniffed by the bottle during the olfactory test; biscuit and vanilla are perfectly combined, but I continue to “feel” all the particularity of a biscuit structure which, now I understand, evokes childish scents.

Among the ingredients of the biscuit, I catch the presence of powdered milk and malt extract which together flutter around a light buttery note, guaranteeing high sweetness to the whole biscuit recipe. Do any of you remember plasmon cookies? Only a strong suggestion or strong similarities? I leave the decision to you. The initial inspiration made all of sweetness and roundness is soon flanked by a relevant tobacco note, which is almost in conflict with the biscuit aroma: the first is as sweet and sugary as the second is incisive and dry. The story of a perfect dualism.

The tobacco in this mix is firm and straightforward; not smoked, nor straw yellow, nor sweet, Ermete’s tobacco component is rough and decidedly woody. The full bouquet reaches very high aromatic peaks in the central phases of the vape, letting all the components of this recipe emerge clearly. The biscuit (sweet part) faces off in an epic battle with tobacco (dry part). Legend has it that there was no winner but that from this epic clash a God was born able to gather within himself the qualities of the two earthly challengers. And he was called Ermete.


Ermete is a creation of the highest quality, it is made with care and intelligence, it is very well faceted and can boast of having a truly delicious aromatic persistence after vaping. All the aromas that are proposed on the market with bold and complex recipes should be like this. What is the point of producing a highly structured e-liquid if, in the practical act of tasting, the aromatic restitution turns out to be quite messy? Many current productions suffer from this.

Lovers of sweet tobaccos will find Ermete perfect for their palates, as well as those who are looking for a more dry tobacco e-juice, will live with this aroma a stimulating and intriguing sensory experience.

Here today the myth of Hermes was born, and his deeds are destined to be handed down over time …

Suggested dilution: 10%

Steeping time: ready to vape

Pro: Here we are in the Olympus of classic or if you prefer, synthetic tobaccos.


Ermete Diplomatic E-liquid The Flavourist premio 2020