Name e Format: Eureka! – 1.12 Line (Vaporificio) – Concentrated aroma 20 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: LHVC0519

Nico: 2,5 mg/ml

Declared base: 55 PG / 40 VG / 5 H2O

Expiry date: 05-2021

Devices: Eleaf iStick Rim 80W + Digiflavor Siren 2 GTA 24mm RTA single coil 1.1 ohm (Ni80 28 AWG 0,32mm) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

About a month ago, we launched here on our blog a reviews series regarding the new line that Vaporificio, historic Italian manufacturer specialized in tobacco extracted e-liquids,presented during Vapitaly 2019; we refer to the 1.12 line composed by Innovatio, Eureka! and Primus.

1.12 is a line of eight shot aromas proposed within a 60 ml chubby gorilla, containing 20 ml of aroma to which a base will be added (if you desire with nicotine) to obtain a finished product of 60 ml in VPG 50/50. In any case, inside the pack, the manufacturer included a very practical dilution table to obtain the finished e-liquid in nicotine grades from 0 to 12 mg/ml.

In our opinion, the whole line packaging is very well cared, as well as the information available to the consumer are largely exhaustive: name of the product, composition of the aroma, batch number, expiration date and personal data of the producer.

Today therefore, after having told you ours about Innovatio, you will know even more about Eureka!:

Eureka! È l’abbinamento perfetto di un liquido complesso che sposa perfettamente il tabacco Kentucky, le note della liquirizia dolce, del cacao e la freschezza della crema alla menta.

Eureka! It is the perfect combination of a complex liquid that perfectly matches Kentucky tobacco, the notes of sweet licorice, cocoa and the freshness of mint cream.

It makes me happy to know that, after a certain inflation of some flavored tobaccos recipes, finally a manufacturer comes up with a rather new recipe, not unique, because the aromatic elements that compose it are not new in the world of vaping, but in any case of sure not trivial. We hope that even at the test of facts, Eureka! confirms the high expectations that it managed to create with its official description.


At the opening of the bottle, the Eureka! perfume is lovingly intense and persistent, with a clear dominant of chocolate and mint ingredients, resting on an unusually shy tobacco bed, considering that we are caught with a tobacco that is anything but not light and delicate. The confirmation of being in front of a bouquet with an important aromatic load, comes from the fact that it is not necessary to make a pressure on the bottle to perceive the scents that it is able to release. What happens if instead you decide to smell the e-liquid by pressing on the bottle? The aromatic load of the aroma is simply intensified, leaving the mint free to wander vigorously, showing itself to be more fresh and pungent than ever.

The excellent olfactory preamble quickly pushes me towards the vaporization test.

I decided to rely on the undisputed quality of the 24 mm Siren 2 GTA made by the Digiflavor company. I am convinced that this device will be able to render well the high Eureka! aromatic range.


Interesting tobacco cues inaugurate the vape and immediately dissolve the only doubts that had presented me during the smell examination, doubts related to the degree of intensity of the tobacco inside this flavored recipe. During inspiration, the Kentucky tobacco emerges clearly and appears on the palate revealing all its main characteristics: strength, fullness and smokiness. The puff is rustic, permeated by the unmistakable manure of this tobacco and by the smoky scents of the leaves due to its typical “cure”.

To tell the truth, the smoky notes emerge with a certain composure, deliberately contained in my opinion, in order to not dramatically compromise the aromatic perception of the other elements of the mix. In the heart of the puff, the flavoring components of this “tobacco flavored” take their cue and vitality and they do it with excellent quality. I am struck by the intriguing hints of cocoa which, in my opinion it is bitter cocoa, have the undeniable merit of rounding off the kentucky vigor, leaving an indomitable feeling of sweetness. But in Eureka! there are not real sweet spaces … I can’t perceive the licorice ingredient mentioned by the manufacturer, but I understand that perhaps that very sensation of soft sweetness is probably stimulated by the licorice imperceptible presence.

The soft cocoa fragrance is accompanied in almost total contemporaneity by the grassy nuances of a fresh green mint, proposed with subtle elegance in the aromatic painting by Vaporificio.

The combination of chocolate and mint universally evokes the chocolate candy/thins with a peppermint paste filling, known worldwide as After Eight. Eureka! manages to show off all the grace of a true After Eight, courageously combining an intense fire cured tobacco, even if it is not very aristocratic one. Kentucky subtracts itself from the taste buds only in the central phases of the puff, to resurface during expiration when, in approaching cocoa and mint, it causes a significant change in the grassy tones of the mint that turn towards slightly more woody shades.

The aromatic effect is surprising and unexpected. Eureka! whispers on my palate all the boldness of its flavourists and gives me a pure sensory experience, at times spiritual. The multi-faceted cross between Kentucky tobacco and a sophisticated dark mint chocolate is superfine and touches the highest levels of aromatic art.

Whether you want to vape it for a whole day, or savor it lightly at dusk as an after dinner, let this aroma be what you want it to be. Eureka!

Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeping time: ready to vape; suggested 3-4 days

Pro: Brave and sophisticated tobacco flavored with Vaporificio. Special both as an all day and as a pure tasting liquid.