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Name and Format: Final Space (Decima E-liquid) – concentrated flavour 20 ml in a 60 ml bottle – received by the manufacturer

Batch: FS001

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 40 PG / 60VG

Expiry date: 15-06-2020

Devices: Innokin Proton 235W + Innokin Ares RTA  single fused clapton coil 0,7 ohm (Ni80 30 awg x 2 + Ni80 38 awg) with Fiber N’ Cotton.

The International Vape E-liquid Award edition 2018 awarded the E-liquid Abduction by the Sicilian company Decima E-liquid as the “Best Italian Fruity E-juice”. The brand from Palermo has distinguished itself since a couple of years, for its products of the highest quality and above all able to offer a degree of loyalty to the real products that inspires. Just to mention another of its most successful creations, Cannolo di Sicilia tells you anything?

Today we return to talk about the Galactic Steam Series which includes the aforementioned Abduction, and in particular we are about to deal with the e-liquid Final Space. Galactic Steam Series is a line of fruity and fresh aromatic shots suitable for the summer season (60 ml easy unicorn bottles containing 20 ml of glycolic flavor). Exuberant in terms of taste and smell lemon and tangerine give back the integrity of the flavor-aroma of the fruit from which they derive. Balanced and delicate mix of exotic and allogenic fruits complete the series. Abduction, The Visit, Final Space and Contact are the names of the four products in this line.

Decima liquid Final Space

The manufacturer gives us the following description for Final Space:

Intensamente fruttato, fresco e leggiadro l’aroma assoluto del mandarino restituisce in bocca la percezione del frutto appena colto. Le note agrumate esprimono una delicata persistenza al naso. Ideale per chi ama una svapata dal gusto brioso, elegante e naturale.

Intensely fruity, fresh and graceful, the absolute aroma of tangerine returns in the mouth the perception of freshly picked fruit. The citrus notes express a delicate persistence on the nose. Ideal for those who love a vaping with a lively, elegant and natural taste.

If there’s one thing I love about the winter, it’s the art of peeling a juicy tangerine letting its intense and aromatic citrus notes release from its peel. You will understand why I am very anxious to try this Final Space …

As in the case of Abduction, the manufacturer informed me that to make its creation absolutely realistic, he used a natural extract of Sicilian tangerines.

mandarino frutto


And the first sniffed from the bottle immediately escape any doubt, because the nose shows me an intense scent of real tangerine. There is little to say about the goodness of the Final Space smell test. The scent of tangerine that is released, even just simply unscrewing the cap of the bottle, is absolutely superb! Ah, if only it could more easily find tangerine with that perfume…

On the nose I do not see other aromatic traces, but on the other hand Decima in its official description speaks to us in effect only of tangerine. A single taste e-liquid? Most likely yes, but still a natural extract. We’ll see.

I decided to officially test Final Space on the Innokin Ares RTA atomizer designed by the well known vapetubers Phil Busardo and Vaping Greek.

So I am going to start the vape test, ready to find out if the superlative smell test will be confirmed even during the vaporization phase.

innokin ares mtl rta


Take a tangerine, peel it, let yourself go with eyes closed to the intense scent released by its wrinkled skin. Now, clove after clove, savor it lingering on its citrus notes so energetic and sparkling. Feel the strength of its flavor that lingers on the palate for a long time. You did it? No? Do you not have a tangerine at home?

It happened to me too, but I was lucky to have Final Space among the different e-liquid bottles in my possession. Yes, because Final Space is a real tangerine juice. Its fidelity to the true fruit is total. 100% … with praise!

The sensory experience with Final Space is unforgettable. Since the inspiration, the sharp and penetrating notes of the tangerine come to tickle even my nostrils, inebriating the palate of a delicious and lively citrus tone.

Ghiaccio cubetti

The generous feeding of Ares enhances the aromatic amplitude of this extract, allowing me to vary between cheeks and slightly more airy puffs. Its harsher nuances are managed and controlled to perfection, perhaps with a slight sweetening, hard to say, but suffice to know that the result is valuable.

Although this is a single taste e-liquid, around Final Space I have never seen the ghost of the so-called “aromatic boring of the vaper”. The sweetness is so small that it reduces to zero or almost this risk. A delicate and light touch of fresh air during the expiration phase, it frames the aromatic masterpiece of Decima’s boys, who have packed a product in its simplicity of noble quality and amazing yield.

In the space without limits, between countless and wonderful constellations, has emerged the amazing constellation of Tangerine…

Suggested dilution: about 33%

Steeping time: ready to vape

ico 5

Pro: Inebriating sensory experience all based on fresh tangerine.

Cons: Aggressive e-liquid. It is strongly recommended to use it with glass or steel tanks.

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