E-liquid review: FlanTastico (Saveur Vape) 60 ml

Batch: 161011.004

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: none

Expiry date: none

Devices: Rx200 + Shingen  spaced dual coil 0,21 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

I could not miss this so well packaged American product. FlanTastico has an interesting name, a packaging that captures the attention and … and investigating the trademark “Saveur vape” I finally discover the actual manufacturer of the line Jazzy Boba: it is they.

Flan Tastico

FlanTastico is the result of the cooperation with the flavor expert Meriwether Morris, who was inspired by the characteristic notes of the Mexican flan.


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And here’s what the packaging of FlanTastico looks like. The impression is really to take home a preparation for a flan. Inside the pack, with its attractively illustration, there is a small 60 ml bottle of FlanTastico with childproof cap and a smaller one in rigid transparent PET for dripping usage, also provided with safety lock.


The packaging and the 60ml bottle report the safety information and all useful references to know and, if necessary, contact the manufacturer. Particularly positive, from my point of view, is the adaptation made by the Italian distributor. As you can see in the picture, the bottle is provided with a sticker attached under a protective film, showing the basic safety information in Italian and the distributor references (Amico Svapo s.r.l.). On this label, as good practice requires, there is the tactile dot for the blind, which indicates the potential danger of the content. Well done.

Here’s the description on the packaging:

FlanTastico is everything you want out of an all day vape. A smooth and creamy flan paired with subtle nuances of orange zest and burbon… just to keep thing interesting.

The bouquet is pleasantly surprising. In addition to the typical notes of many creamy e-liquids, the overall aromatic bouquet actually contains the notes we would expect to smell if we had freshly baked a flan (or pudding), well garnished and full of taste. There is very slight orange-like citrus note. More prevalent is the fragrance of vanilla burbon. Really good and sophisticated.

I use my Shingen rda setted with spaced dual coil for the vape test. I have to point out, that even though the producer doesn’t indicate the composition of the base of FlanTastico, the liquid is quite dense, which suggests (as we knowthat it may be a very vaporous liquid, thanks to the high amount of VG. Better so!

budino flan arance

The very first puffs are the most exciting. Puddings, flans, creme caramels (call it what you like) are perfectly evoked in a full-bodied rich puff, that leaves no room for doubt. It’s it … no doubt. I can taste the soft dough and the perfect combination of  vanilla burbon and caramel notes. A unique taste, structured and particularly fragrant. It’s more than a mild pudding. It’s a creme caramel full of harmonious flavors with a multifaceted vanilla burbon and caramel sauce combination. Very slight glazes reminds of orange peel. Everything is extremely sophisticated, yet incisive in taste. FlanTastico is not too sweet – and rightly so. I rather perceive a well dosed a realistic salty taste, perfectly in line with the result, with what we would expect to taste, enjoying a well-made dessert.

The overall softness of the puff instigates to compulsive vaping. This enhances the winning and elegant vanilla burbon accent contained in the recipe, with a masculine mark and characterized by a very tasting persistence. To be honest, there’s a fine line between FlanTastico other valid e-liquid creamy. In this case the flan is perfectly reproduced. Other (sometimes clumsily) results just seek to get close to cakes and pies that could have a discreet public appeal. The quality perceived on vaping FlanTastico underlines how, in this particular case, a deep research has been carried out and that we are not dealing with an incongruous mixture made with presumption by incompetent producers. Yet, this “fine line” might be confusing. FlanTastico is unique, but similar to many.

The name chosen by Saveur Vape plays with the word “flan” and the term “taste” to introduce FlanTastico … Fantastic. A nice and redundant dress that will likely attract the attention of many vapers, as well as the care and the style of the packaging. Good for them that they were able to produce this fantastic e-liquid. On The Flavourist opinion it deserves a seasonal nomination for the Best of the season.

ico 5

Pro: Extremely true to the description. Tasty and satisfying. A perfect recipe. Great packaging, also thanks to the Italian distributor.

Cons: Nothing to report.