E-liquid review: Flower Power – True Northern line (True Northern Vape) 30 ml – received by the manufacturer

Declared base: 20 PG / 80 VG

Batch: n.a.

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Expiry date: n.a.

Devices: Geekvape Aegis 100 W + Peerless RDA single fused clapton coil 0.65 ohm (Ni80 core 30 awg x 3 + outer 38 awg) with Native Wicks cotton.

Since some days a warm breeze in the air announces an imminent change. The days are getting longer, temperature milder, I smell perfumes in the air that had been hidden during the dark winter months. My spirit of seasonal vaper begins to desire the taste of lighter and more lively liquids. My desire for fruity e-liquids increases more and more, so today, without hesitation, I decided to get me in the tasting of a True Northern Vape, brand that in 2017 showed an unquestionable production quality.

Today I’m going to review Flower Power. I received it in a 30 ml smoked glass bottle, with childproof cap and a handy dropper with thin beak tip. The stylized and minimalist label features the company logo (a deer) in vector format and some basic information about the product. With this packaging the product does not conform to the European TPD, but I think there will be soon interesting news about it. Stay tuned.


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Flower Power is officially described as follows:

Find peace and love by refreshing yourself with the aromas of hibiscus, honey suckle and rose accompanied with intoxicating sensations of cactus and dragon fruit.

The olfactory scene of Flower Power reveals a fragrance with a lively and penetrating exotic character and releases citrus-like scents wrapped in a base with fresh and clean tones. Having tasted different True Northern liquids the last year helps me recognizing the typical fruity touch of the Canadian company, characterized by naturalness, complexity and liveliness of the bouquet. The moderately vigorous aromatic scenery leaves little room for sweet nuances but never gives the impression of being edgy.

So let’s reveal Flower Power with an adequate vaping test.

After having dripped the first drops in my Peerless, It takes me just a few puffs to realize that this is a complex and unusual aromatic bouquet. It could not be otherwise with True Northern VapeThe Canadian manufacturer has accustomed us to creations that leave no room for the concept of common and familiar, in a constant search for unusual aromatic combinations as the result of creativity and sensitivity.

The inspiration phase presents delicate exotic notes combined with a fresh and vaguely mentholic sensation. A slight underlying sweetness accompanies the exotic taste of the puff, making vaping immediately lively. My taste memory makes me think of papaya, but the almost total lack of acidity does not give me any certainty. I find it difficult to clearly trace the flavor of dragon fruit (indicated in the description) among these exotic notes, even if the general perception can let us imagine its presence.

In the heart of the puff a pleasantly cool floral background makes its way. The aromatic structure of the entire bouquet becomes fuller and is enriched with new shades. The identification of the single component is a chimera, but it has to be said that the result is excellent. A very fine aromatic balance binds the whole floral complex with the exotic shades and leaves room for a pleasant and fragrant note of prickly pear that makes its way from the back and emerges clearly on the exhale.

Flower Power conveys a constant sense of gentle lightness on vaping. It is fresh and lively and at the same time delicate and refined. The floral complex is the main architect of this result. I speak specifically of floral complex because it is not possible, in my opinion, to reveal its individual aromatic identities. If anyone of you, tasting this creation, will be able to identify hibiscus, Bach and rose flowers notes, please contact us immediately, The Flavourist will welcome you with open arms!


In case someone should be thinking on the typical big mixed e-liquid from Overseas, well I want to dispel any doubts: Flower Power is it not. All components are harmoniously mixed, the aromatic load is anything but excessive and there is no sweetening, typical of the big mixed e-liquids, of any kind.


This e-liquid does not allow to identify and distinguish all its ingredients, but it’s possible to perceive the different accents, from the lively and exotic one, through the pleasant coolness, to the closing floral frame, which characterize it during the puff.

Flower Power instills a sense of sublime lightness, a slow and gentle awakening of the senses.

Just like the coming of Spring …
ico 4

Pro: Elegant combination of exotic and floral notes. High quality vape.

Cons: I admit it, I wish I could recognize some more ingredients of the mix.