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Name and Format:  Foley Cop Juice by Eliquid France – e-liquid 10ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 106D18

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: 03-2020

Devices: SVA penguin BF + wasp nano RDA single coil 0.30 ohm (24 g SS316) with Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

Entering now in the heat of the summer, the looks of a good part of the vapers throw themselves on liquindi not very demanding to enjoy all day and maybe with a touch of freshness that never hurts to fight the bar of the thermomentro that rises. So I start looking for a new liquid to prove that can contain these characteristics and satisfy the “cumbersome” needs of us vapers. In the end the choice falls on the new Cop juice line produced by Eliquid France, how can one ignore the order of a policeman? This is the second e-liquid of the French company that will be reviewed here on The Flavourist going to increase our archive of reviewed products and that after a good first outing with his Rosco, will keep on winning the palates with a new recipe with light flavors and delicate and that can accompany us during our days by sea, deck chairs, and sun.

And today we will talk about the Foley.

foley coopjuice

This is the manufacturer’s description:

Le Foley est a liquide à la saveur of a succulent cake aux fruits rouges.

Foley is a liquid with the flavor of a succulent red fruit cake.

The bottle with which Foley presents itself is the same and very captivating of the Rosco, the policeman is always there with his hand, the mechanical tube just used that stands out against a blue background. Reading the description the recipe appears very simple and tickles the imagination to expectations, from the red fruit we expect those succulent notes with strong and pungent flavors similarly sweet but always have that touch of freshness that brightens the palate, the fruit will be laid on the cake, the question arises: who knows what basis will have used? sponge cake? Shortbread? here the imagination is fading but surely we expect an aroma that will be the basis and accompaniment with its sweet notes and which will balance the red fruits that have always dominated the various recipes of this type, here is what we expect from Foley. Eliquid France will have managed to keep up the expectations?

torta frutta rossajpg

With the imagination that travels in the world of e-liquid we think the olfactory test to bring us down to earth. Once opened the bottle starting to gently press a faint and delicate hint of strawberry wraps in a gentle way, but it is not alone, to accompany a soft set of fruit, surely it is odors that we can associate with the red fruits but they are not easily distinguishable, by chance and in the distance a very slight hint of blackberries reaches us. The aroma of the basic wait for the cake, however, is not perceptible, only a sugary note very hidden in the final phase reaches us. With these premises I hope that the proof of vaporization transmits me other sensations.

The first puff opens the curtain with a strong taste of red fruit, it is not easy to find the caraterials and classify them in well-defined flavors, surely the one that most stands out is the strawberry, the strawberry is not decisive but tends to be light and non-invasive, a strawberry flavor of which the industrial derivation can almost certainly be affirmed, the aroma recreated unlike others is more pleasant and less sweet, a sometimes faded sweetness, and the few acidulous spikes characteristic of the fruit that would have made the taste more concrete they can not emerge from the mix. Even after many tests it remains difficult to extract and associate other flavors from the red fruit mix, surely the producer used aromatic variants very similar to each other during the processing of the product.

In the central part of the puff very timidly presents the base of the cake, the sugary and buttery nuances that are transmitted in a delicate and almost elusive way do not give that sweetness to the recipe leaving us almost indifferent to the sweet addition that would certainly not On the final part, instead, the red fruit mix returns to the protagonist, which lets a delicate rain of freshness fall on our palate, not decisive or even frozen. The taste is delicate but persistent and in the final part of the “script” that the eliquid gives better than if all the aromatic nuances are combined creating a delicate taste of slightly buttery strawberry with a lightly non-invasive menthol tip that is appreciated.

foley fragole

Eliquid juice has created a product that does not go unnoticed, and that is appreciated in a summer without too many claims, a liquid that must be understood and where the high wattages exalt it allowing it to express itself at its best, you need to give the right time to the first svapata almost certainly will not convince you but already from the third the delicate strawberry combined with the general freshness will not make you regret having given it a chance

ico 3

Pro: Un ottima nota rinfrescante finale.

Cons: Liquido molto delicato, nessun elemento della ricetta da quel guizzo in più al liquido.