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Name and format: Forest Fruits (Mr. Gelato) 25 ml – ready to vape e-liquid – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 5 060321 120240 (barcode number)

Expiry date: n.a.

Base: 30PG / 70VG

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Devices: Wismec Predator 228W + Steam Crave Aromamizer V2 RTA dual fused clapton coil 0,44 ohm (Ni80 30 awg x 2 + Ni80 38 awg) with Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

Coming from near London, to be precise from the town of Wrotham in the county of Kent, a new line of e-liquids dedicated to the world of ice cream: Mr. Gelato.

We found them in Verona during Vapitaly 2018 and we did not let them escape!

Mr. Gelato is a brand or perhaps we should say a line of four e-liquids that aims to emulate some of the most classic tastes in the world of ice cream, trying to give away during the vapors the feeling of eating a delicious ice cream. The four flavors proposed by the British manufacturer are: Forest Fruits, Raspberry Ripple, Custard Trifle and Cherry Swirl.

Our tasting in the Wrotham ice cream shop begins with Forest Fruits officially presented as follows:

Truly indulge yourself with this arpeggio of flavours, only the finest wild berries are selected and spun into this exquisite gelato. “Bellissimo!”

mr gelato

The bottle in my possession is a mini chubby gorilla of 25 ml and has a very lively and colorful label with a nice cartoon graphics, which depicts a moustached ice cream man who takes delight in his creations with his long mustache. The label shows the info on the liquid (quantity, nicotine content and ingredients), the manufacturer information and the classic warnings of use including the symbol of prohibition for children under 18 years. Simple but effective.

I open the bottle and start the smell test which immediately gives me good, indeed very good sensations. On a purely creamy frame, strong and penetrating hints of forest fruits stand out, full of acidulous spikes typical for this kind of fruit. The creamy bed appears intense and marked, its fat and dense perception thanks to the aromatic conjunction between a vanilla and a whipped cream. There is nothing to say, smell Forest Fruits gives me a clear and faithful feeling of being in front of a real ice cream with berries.

ice cream

With all the best wishes I catapult to the vape test that, after appropriate mini tastings in different hardware configurations, I decided to deal with my good “old” Aromamizer V2 which, in terms of aromatic restitution and within the “creamy” genre, has nothing to envy to many more noble and expensive atoms. Jokerkappa guarantees…

From the first puff, a light sensation of fresh (presumably koolada) is accompanied by a sweet and fat creamy mixture, favoring and immediately facilitating the realistic perception of a giant ice cream cone. The component used to interpret the base of the ice cream appears very full-bodied and has a balanced aromatic load, balanced by a level of sweetness in my opinion perfect. The elements that combine to simulate the features of a real dough of ice cream consist of a brilliant mix of vanilla cream and whipped cream. The union of these two aromatic parts is pleasant and simulates good an ice cream even if, during the inhalation, the notes of “egg” do not escape my palate, which in some moments distances me from the perfect aromatic idea of ​​ice cream perceived during the smell test.

frutti di bosco slide

Despite the smell Forest Fruits releases notes, more natural than in some vaping situations, the custard-whipped cream symbiosis is still a valid support on which to make emerge in the heart of the mouth the mix of berries, which with skillful discretion and kindness has the task of flavoring our ice cream. Task that the whole fruit complex performs very well, joining soft and delicate at the creamy base. Now during the puff, I notice that the slight acid nuances of the smell have disappeared altogether, and the fruits of the forest appear as a single aromatic apparatus. Unable to distinguish the individual components. If you think about it just like in a real berry ice cream…

gelato frutti di bosco02

It is tasty in every puff this Forest Fruits, certainly does not scream to the aromatic miracle, but with composure and without ever tiring, leads me to exhalation where a vivid fresh sensation opens up to the aromatic persistence post vaping. A Wonderful combination with a real ice cream cup garnished with berries. Just like the one in the photo above.

Connoisseurs of this kind of e-liquid should not miss it.

ico 3

Pro: A balanced and tasty recipe that reliably reproduces the sensation of a fresh ice cream with berries.

Cons: The creamy part, although fairly faithful, has aromatic tips that slightly deviate from the cream of a real ice cream.