Recensione Aroma: Fredegonde (814 Histoire d’E-Liquides) 10 ml

Lotto: 16S1701

Data scadenza: 06/2017

Base utilizzata: 48 PG – 48 VG – 4 H2O

Nico: 1,5 mg/ml

Devices: Joyetech Cuboid 150W + Aromamizer RDA V2 dualcoil (acciaio 316L 28awg 32mm) 0.4 ohm con cotone organico giapponese.

Recently, the French brand 814 Histoire d’E-Liquides has expanded its line of e-liquid flavors and adding three new creations to the first batch of ten products. Positively impressed by the work of this company, I have not let slip the opportunity to buy and try at least one of the new flavors 814. The choice fell naturally on what most intrigued me in terms of combination of ingredients and also in consideration of summer season just around the corner.

So I will talk today Fredegonde, the beautiful maid who became the wife of Chilpéric I and later Queen of the Franks of Neustria.


On major transalpine sites this aroma is described as:

Sur une base d’agrumes tel que le citron et l’orange, vient s’ajouter une note douce de concombre qui vient équilibrer l’acidité des fruits. Mais ce n’est pas tout ! Une subtile touche d’absinthe vous surprendra au final…

On a basis of citrus fruits such as lemon and orange adds a sweet note of cucumber going to balance the acidity of the fruit. But that’s not all! A light touch of absinthe will surprise on the final …


This time, it is a brand already widely reviewed, will not here to bore you with the details on the bottle, as you can easily find them in the other reviews of the brand. On page 814 Histoire d’E-Liquides within our site is a list of all the products of this brand already reviewed.

The opening of the bottle allows to escape an intense and pleasant citrus scent; undoubtedly good and, as always when we talk about 814, very very natural. Smell, therefore, the Fredegonde connotation is quite clear: a fruity, citrus fruits in this case, with an unmistakable reminder of summer. I know you’re going to tell me: is that all? Yes, but honestly I did not scare me; I’m used to make the acquaintance of this brand and I have learned that when we talk about 814, you talk about a company, without ultraelaborate recipes and consequent promises of science fiction flavors, has its strength in the creation of aromatic structures not too complex but very refined and natural.

For vape test I decided to entrust to one of my favorite dripper of the moment: the Aromamizer RDA of Steam Crave.

At the first shot come literally hit by fresh wave which frankly I did not expect, I struck it, leaving me almost dumbfounded because there was no trace of this freshness in the official description of the product.

The e-liquid fresh are not my passion, I admit, but personal tastes should be kept aside when it faces a review because, as perceptions can be subjective, the job of a reviewer is to cut oneself as much as possible by personal tastes and deal with the product with the intention of absolute objectivity, trying to understand the peculiarities, the aromatic structure, the balance of the ingredients and the use or not of high quality raw materials. If not, and if I had to base myself only on my personal taste, an aroma like Fredegonde not only would start already largely disadvantaged, but hardly receive sufficient evaluation. A Mario Rossi may not like, but Jokerkappa for your fortune is a reviewer …

… And then, after the first few puffs of acclimatization, I begin to deepen focusing on the study of the aromatic product.

Fresh strikes immediately inspiration and which will be more noticeable the more you will increase the powers of my device, has no minty scent, making me immediately understand that it is koolada (menthol methyl lactate); with a svapata around 35 watts is a koolada actually pretty cool but not too intrusive which you get used to after a few minutes, a sign that was entered knowingly and without overdosing.

The cool sensation is ably backed by citrus notes that, at least at an early stage, appear very mixed and little determinable; buds are struggling to separate and identify the flavors of citrus present even though I have a feeling it’s the lemon to be slightly prevalent in the top notes. What is known, however, and it seems to me important to point out, is that these citrus fruits are not at all sharp in the sense that, as the manufacturer announced it in his description, their typical acidity was well-tempered and softened by the presence of ‘cucumber ingredient. Now, you do not think you really feel the cucumber flavor in this formulation because it is not so; what is known for sure is that to reduce the acidity of citrus fruit is not used any sweetener (sweetner, maltol or ethyl vanillin on duty) because there is no trace of that kind of sweetness in Fredegonde. The aromatic range of 814 use cucumber seems very interesting and above all functional and serves the purpose because it can “absorb” very well the acid strength of the citrus fruit.

When the inspiratory phase draws to a close, with the koolada effect tends to wane gradually, the liquid provides other interesting and refined aromatic cues. The citrus notes are now clearer and together with lemon and orange I see a pleasant scent of grapefruit, which in truth the manufacturer does not mention, but which in my opinion emerges clearly in exhalation.

In the base notes, refreshing effect on the end, you feel a slight anise note (the wormwood would provide perhaps a little more), which further softens the impact of the fruit and complements very well a fresh composition, very summer and if it were not a liquid from SVAPO but a drink, it would say absolutely refreshing.

Suggested dilution: 16-20%

Steeping time: 7 days

ico 4

Pro: Elegant, fresh and natural.

Contro: Citrus fruits are mixed a bit.