E-Liquid review: Frugitas (The Jake’s Brew) 30 ml – received by the producer

Batch: n.d.

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base:  50% PG / 50% VG

Expiry date: n.d.

Devices: Joyetech Cuboid 150W + Aromamizer RDA V2 dualcoil 0,40 ohm (Kantal A1 0,40mm) with japanese organic cotton.

The presence of a large Malaysian distributor, during the last edition of Vapitaly, was a strong signal of the return on our liquid market for Asian manufacturers, however, already well known to the first generation Vapers. Perhaps more than we could return to speak of a real official arrival, since knowledge with this kind of e-liquids, which took place as recently as four years ago, had been the “handcraft” type, by almost unknown and of dubious products packaging.

The Flavourist pioneered the new wave of Malaysian few months compared to Vapitaly, offering a preview of the reviews of some brands made in Malaysia.

Today we are going to discover a new producer in Malaysia and we are going to talk about Frugitas by The Jake’s Brew.


The package of Frugitas is made from a very small colorful cardboard box with metallic effect and a PET bottle of 30 ml with a childproof closure and glass pipette dropper with a pointed beak. It ‘a pack from very lively and youthful style. The label is simple yellow but has interesting information about the composition and ingredients of the product. It is a liquid whose ingredients are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in a ratio of 50/50, “artificial flavoring”, “cooling agent” and “sweetner”.

However, no, to close the parenthesis dedicated to packaging, several mandatory information in the European market.

Perfectly in line with the typical Malaysian style in creating fruity, we are before a sweet and fresh liquid. If the experience does not deceive us by saying we could say too that it will be a fruity, very sweet and very fresh.

Fragrant, heady and sweet: this is Frugitas the opening of the bottle. The sense of smell tells us a e-liquid that wants to be strong, direct and above all very lively; the aromatic scent is pleasant; ideal for the summer season, stand out pineapple notes and aromatically the preparation reminds me of a tropical juice mix.


Meanwhile it reports the official description of the manufacturer:

7 in 1 fruit mixed with a special blend of perfectly sweetened Blackcurrant taste together with Mango. This is then balanced with a Pineapple to bolster in every puff. A delightfully chiller Ensures the sweetness That is light on the tongue and sweet to the taste!

For the vape test I decided to trust my Aromamizer RDA V2. Ready? Go! Boom!

Oh sweet icy freshness that invest sunny tropical beaches, enhancing the pleasure of exotic fruits.


Here is Frugitas! A tropical juice, strongly characterized by notes of pineapple and part of the mango (hidden and undetectable instead blackcurrant) and made it incredibly fresh and penetrating the massive presence of koolada, softened by the sweetner and most likely somewhere else alchemy Malaysian.

Malaysia’s land herbalists masters in cooling and sweet e-liquids!


Frugitas shows a good aromatic intensity and gives us an amalgam of exotic fruits that make very similar (if not for the ultra cool component) such as a Tropical juice Pago. If the phase of inhalation dominate the unmistakable accents of pineapple and mango, the central and final phase of the breath gives us the most acidulous notes linked to the presence of lime and red currant, which emerges gently exhale.

Although the compound is the result of synthetic or artificial flavors, as stated by the same manufacturer, the yield is far from chemistry. The taste of Frugitas is very faithful to the one of the most renowned fruit juices on the market (those made with natural fruit extracts for instance). A fruity, lively and vibrant, mixed with skill and made powerful and disruptive by the perfect marriage between koolada and sweetner – over 35 watts the feeling of fragrant chillness that climbs from the palate to the brain is almost the edge of reality – that only herbalists Malaysians are able to create.

ico 4

Pro: A fresh fruity and aromatic flavor from chasing summer.

Cons: It is not easy to overcome the icy impact you might not like.