Fuoco Angolo della Guancia – Review


The Reggio Emilia company Angolo della Guancia, very well known in Italy for its tobacco distillates (Syrian H2O and Quintaessenza above all), presented at the end of 2020 a new line of concentrated aromas called “Element”. The names chosen for the four aromas are simple but very evocative: Aria, Fuoco, Terra and Acqua, or the four natural elements from which every substance of which matter is made originates. The line consists of three microfiltered tobacco extracts (Aria, Terra and Fuoco) and a whiskey aroma obtained through a distillation process (Acqua).

Although there is a lot of curiosity about the latter aroma, I will begin to test one of the three tobacco flavors and in this case I will deal with the review of “Fuoco” aroma.

Angolo della Guancia Fuoco Aroma boccetta 10 ml


The concentrated Fuoco aroma is marketed like all the products of the Element line in a 10 ml amber glass bottle to be diluted, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, at 10%. A final composition as close as possible to VPG 50/50 is also recommended. The aromas of the Element line do not need to steep, although I do not hide the fact that a few days of steeping in my opinion improve the aromatic result.

Going to the official website of the manufacturer, I realize that there is no official description of Fuoco and the product is presented simply by listing the tobaccos that make up the blend:

Isfahani Samsun Virginia (microfiltered)


The pale straw yellow color and the tobaccos used to create this blend let me understand that I probably won’t receive any particular input from the smell test of Fuoco. Yet when I start to smell the e-liquid ready to vape from the bottle, not without surprise, I smell a tobacco footprint that is anything but negligible, nothing particularly strong is clear, but certainly more marked than I expected.

The olfactory examination of Fuoco brings out a clear vegetable base with classic shades of leather, but there is more and it is immediately perceived. The impact is unusually robust, or rather, more robust than my expectations; the vegetal bed is enriched by light but penetrating acidulous inserts with a distinctly oriental character. An inviting, delicately elegant but not elusive perfume. Fuoco on the nose arouses all my attention and curiosity as, despite being a mix of oriental tobaccos that can be classified as a light blend, it appears decidedly more impertinent and lively than a classic Oriental tobacco.

Tabacco Samsun


Devices: ExVape Expromizer V3 Fire RTA single coil 1.10 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) + Flash e-Vapor 4.5s RTA single coil 0.9 ohm (Kanthal A1 27 AWG) with Fiber N’ Cotton.


For the review of Fuoco I decided to confirm the pair of German atomizers that has become at home in my vaping tests: the ExVape Expromizer V3 Fire and the 4.5 S version of the Flash e-Vapor.

From the first puff I feel a certain pleasure in savoring the scents of this aroma. The puff of Fuoco immediately brings to the fore during inhalation the vegetal notes felt during the smell test, but also highlights an incisiveness and an analogue timbre that is truly unsuspected and beyond more than appreciable. The raw taste of tobacco is always pleasant to perceive but if, as in this case, it is supported by nuances capable of breaking up its excessive “monotony”, in my opinion it is even better.

Isfahani tabacco per narghilè


Isfahani tobacco (or Asfahani or Asfahini) is the author of these perceptions so intriguing as to awaken in me the extreme appreciation for a bouquet that does not use fire cured tobaccos to be robust. Because if it is true that in the collective imagination of vapers, a blend is to be considered dark and strong only in the presence of a good dose of Latakia and Kentucky tobaccos, it is equally true that a tobacco extract can be penetrating even with other combinations of tobaccos. And Fuoco is, scout’s word.

In fact, in the central phases of the vape, Fuoco acquires greater body and completeness when some bitter nuances accompanied by a rather important woody trail become more evident around the vegetal frame, mainly due to Virginia and secondly to Samsun tobacco.

Angolo della Guancia Fuoco Aroma

I have no doubts in asserting that Isfahani tobacco characterizes this bouquet more than anyone else. Little known in Western culture, this tobacco with a high nicotinic content has Iranian origins and is used exclusively (or almost) on the hookah. Although devoid of a fire cure, it is a tobacco with great strength that manages to transmit beyond any reasonable doubt even within the aroma created by Angolo della Guancia.

This is the reason why, during the whole arc of the puff, Fuoco is perceived as a non-light tobacco, and although it cannot be classified as a dark tobacco, there is no doubt that the woody notes that pass through it until exhalation, make it a dry tobacco just enough to be exceptional for an all day vape. Oriental but above all, linear, dry and woody.


Angolo della Guancia with Fuoco did a job of undoubted value creating a combination and fusion of tobaccos that would have deserved at least an official description of the product rather than a simple list of ingredients. Isfahani, Samsun and Virginia come together in an absolutely special blend and although it is impossible to identify them individually, as a whole they make up a blend that is different from the usual and very captivating.

It is true, sometimes producers exaggerate in the official presentations of their products, but never as in this circumstance the vaper (potential buyer) would have deserved to learn more about Isfahani and Samsun tobaccos, very little used in the formulations of tobacco extracts. available on the market.

Suggested dilution: 10%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 7-10 days

Pro: A courageous blend with an oriental structure and at the same time a very incisive blend

Cons: Perhaps Angolo della Guancia could have dared a little more with Isfahani tobacco

Name and Format: Fuoco (Angolo della Guancia) – concentrated flavour 10 ml

Batch: ELM009

Used Base: 50 PG / 47 VG / 3 H2O

Expiry Date: 12/2022