Name and Format: Furore (Vitruviano’s Juice) – mix series aroma 20ml – received by the manufacturer


Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: 06-2022

Devices: iJoy Capo Squonk 80w + Wotofo Profile mesh coill 0.18 ohm  con Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

Here we are today back from Vapitaly 2019 with a rich load of news. Lots of products have been presented, we’ve had the chance to talk to lots of producers and make some quick and first tests of the new releases. The time at the fair is always short and it is not always possible to do extensive tests. Once back home and with the calm that follows we went to analyze in more detail a new liquid that had already struck us at Vapitaly. We are talking about Vitoreviano’s Juice’s Furore.

Vitruviano’s Juice needs no introduction, a producer who over the years has succeeded in establishing itself as a reference point in the production of liquids from the Neapolitan pastry tradition. Bringing with you recipes with typically creamy flavors, managing to transform the images of the desserts that we see while walking among the eliquid pastry shops. Ready to be vaporized in all its delicious and refined nuances making us appreciate in every single form the recipes, which have always distinguished our culinary tradition.

Vitruviano’s Juice has always accustomed us to great recipes, with strength and character and that’s why we can’t wait to share our feelings with you, but first here is the description we are given:

Vitruviano`s Juice Furore, a curly sfogliatella with added custard and sour cherries

It is useless to deny, only by reading the description the ambition of the project, to create a liquid that encloses in itself the typical Neapolitan curly puff. Composed of a crunchy shell filled with ricotta and semolina, it has always been a symbol of tradition. In this aroma, however, we will not find it alone, it will be accompanied by custard and sour cherries, taking inspiration from the original recipe that foresaw its use.

Impact also the bottle in which there are the 20ml of aroma to which will be added the classic 30 ml of VG and any nicotine booster. In the background we find stylized houses covered with a clear blue veil that encloses the name of the eliquid and the manufacturer’s brands. An elegant but minimal bottle that nevertheless manages to remain impressed.


The approach to the olfactory test is really pleasant. The strongly creamy nature of Furore manifests itself without any hesitation, transporting us to a surreal reality. At first glance, we are embraced by a creamy and rich general sweetness, the element that stands out is that of the sfogliatella that expresses itself transferring all its characteristics. The easily recognizable pastry with its cinnamon notes gives way to the pastry cream with slightly vanilla and buttery connotations, on which a sour and sour note of black cherry is gently placed, which concludes the aromatic range. It is not easy to identify the ricotta which we can however associate with that very creamy and sweet generalized sense that has accompanied us in this olfactory test. The fragrance that emerges from the bottle is still pleasant and very clean, the elements are well blended and no synthetic hints are perceived; indeed, it really seems to be in front of a pastry shop that is exposing the curly puffs in the window. We can only continue with the vaporization test.


The first puff stuns my taste buds. We cannot but confirm what was said in the description of a curly sfogliatella with custard and black cherry. Everything is contained in this description, the eliquid is exactly what we expected. The sfogliatella at the base of the aromatic construction is really delicious, the note of cinnamon is felt and the ricotta returns to the protagonist giving the classic taste of this typical dessert. The custard is presented as an addition a small note that enriches and raises the sweetness values ​​of this aroma with fat and slightly vanilla notes, but the cigliegina .. ops! The sour cherry on the cake is given by the fresh and slightly acidic taste of the amarena that encloses and raises the entire aromatic composition.

But let’s not stop here by going into more detail on the notes of steam. The taste of curly sfogliatella is the basis of the composition of this recipe and in inspiration it makes you feel soft, full and full-bodied. As perceived in the olfactory phase it realistically transmits all its aromatic elements accompanied by sweet nuances of cinnamon, ricotta and vanilla. The result is truly remarkable, never very exaggerated, very balanced in its softer and not excessive traits. Secondly in the central phase, the sweet and buttery notes of the custard come into play by joining this aromatic vortex in a unique way, increasing the values ​​of sweetness but never reaching the limit becoming excessive.

All this makes the puff and the steam really fat and rich full of unique flavors that we used to appreciate only eating but that in this transposition are really similar almost to what they are to reality. But the final element is really special, the sour cherry, succeeds in entering with force in this aromatic composition giving that touch of freshness and that acidulous but at the same time sweet note that of bullying all balances and rounds out the strong sweet components going to create a unique balance of flavors that cannot tire of puff after puff.

We can not help but appreciate the resourcefulness of Vitruviano’s Juice that succeeds even in this case in its intent, a classic recipe of the tradition that becomes eliquid giving way to all to find the same sensations bite after bite .. sorry puff after puff ..

Pro: The real Neapolitan curly sfogliatella transformed into eliquid.

Cons: –

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