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E-liquid review: Galago – Origins (Twelve Monkeys) 50ml received by the manufacturer PREVIEW

Batch: GLG057020718

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 65VG – 35PG

Expiry date: 02/2020

Devices: Rx200 + Reload rta dualcoil 0,32 ohm (Clapton wire 26 ga + 32 ga) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

Galagids are a family of small African nocturnal primates. Big eyes, small in size – about 40 / 45cm high – and have an extraordinary agility. Galagos (the generic name) are often confused with the Lemure (another family) as they are startlingly similar. During its nightlife the Galago, insect eater, relies upon its black and white vision and its hypersensitive hearing.

And Galago is the name of the third e-liquid of the new Origins line by Twelve Monkeys Vapor that we will exclusively review for you. A world preview which the Canadian brand has entrusted to The Flavourist.




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Galago is officially described as follows:

When the tribe needs a pick me up, they always give Galago a go! Vivid grape highlights infused with spirited lychee to awaken those taste buds.

Galago 2 2

The Monkey Mix format presented by Twelve Monkeys consists in 50ml of e-liquid concentrated with 0 nicotine. The vaper can then add 10ml of base to achieve the desired nicotine gradation. It is still possible to add 10ml of base at 0 nicotine or simply vape the e-liquid concentrate.

The packaging is of excellent quality. Perfect for dripping, but just as convenient for tank sprayers. Convenient to carry in your pocket. It does not lose a drop. The appearance of the Origins line labels is pleasant. Modern, elegant and complete in the security information reported in different languages. A product perfectly aligned with the latest European standards. Clean and essential in the graphics, as you can see from the images. Very beautiful labels that capture the light with an impressive golden background.



The olfactory examination of Galago unveils an indisputable fruity recipe. A slightly alcoholic base note supports the fresh lychee hints. Acid shades outline a grape-like touch. The fragrance of strawberry grapes sometimes seems to overshadow that of lychee. I have the feeling that the producer used a “grape reinforcement” to better structure the recipe. Will it be a game of chance? Let’s find out together. The overall bouquet is pleasant, with a vaguely feminine trait. Not quite exotic.

Fresh lychee in bowl on a wooden background

The vaping test is entrusted to the Reload rta, configured with a Clapton dualcoil. This is a flavor chasing configuration intended not to exceed with the temperature. Yet, 40w seem to be already a good starting point to enjoy the abundant vapor released by Galago. The strawberry grapes, which providing the grape notes, seem to harmonize very well with the Lychee although to its disadvantage. The Lychee is a fairly delicate aroma, but setting the atom with a wide air flow, the balance of the flavors appears well thought. The acidic notes typical of the mentioned ingredients are modest and well managed by a careful, pleasant and – above all – not excessive sweetening.

uva fragola

Let’s be clear: when we mention grape notes in a vaping product, we usually talk about e-liquids that are inspired by the bubblegum world. Galago – fortunately – is a very different recipe. Its profile can be compared to a good fruit juice, a drink, but … as recognized in the olfactory test, its character does not appear realistic. It is not a particularly exotic recipe. Although the selected aromas are of undisputed quality, this recipe does not offer a natural taste of fruit. Puff after puff a vague spiciness seems to emerge, a further characteristic of the aromatic construction that seems to distort the ingredients. The perfumes and cosmetics world affects our expectations.

Everything has a sweet harmony! An intense and pleasant taste, sometimes sparkling and very inebriating. The acidic notes create a pleasant contrast with the softness of the puff, without excessively creamy accents diverting the attention from this tickling aromatic persistence. Yet … after a few ml, just that awakening of taste buds,  the producer alluded in the description of Galago, turns to addiction. As if the initial kindness of such balanced notes – paradoxically – turns into a flatten taste and  suddenly the overall acidity appears excessive. Oddities of vaping. The vividness of the Lychee fades away. In our reviews we often try to push ourselves even to the limit of a tasting. Galago is one of those recipes that deserves to be appreciated for its simplicity and its grace. A grace that can turn to be annoying, reverting into defects those peculiarities that we initially perceived as merits. As often happens it is wiser to conclude that “in medio stat virtus” (virtue stands in the middle). Enjoy it, but do not abuse it.

2 more reviews lie ahead to complete this preview dedicated to the Origins line by Twelve Monkeys. The discovery of the new frontiers of vaping continues!


ico 3

Pro: Simple but tasty recipe.

Cons: The initial balance is gone soon. Dedicate it the right space without exceeding.