Concentrated flavour review: Giant Swing – Charlotte aux fraises (The Fuu) 10 ml

Batch: GTS-115

Expiry date: 06-2017

Used Base: 30% PG – 70% VG

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Devices: Joyetech Cuboid 150W + Aromamizer RDA (Kanthal A1 0.4 mm) 0.4 ohm with japanese organic cotton.

For the daily review, we return in France by transalpine cousins and we present Giant Swing (Charlotte aux fraises) an aroma produced by the Parisian The Fuu.


After a long period in which the The Flavourist activity focused on the presentation of many e-liquid innovations, we plunge back today in the world of concentrated flavors.

On the official site of the Giant Swing producer it is presented as follows:

Strawberry Mousse : a typical French dessert perfect for your vape.

A delicious, subtle strawberry cookie taste. The taste of strawberry is sublimated in this delicious, creamy recipe, filled with authentic flavor. Strawberry Mousse from Fuu, a classic dessert with a clearomizer to come.

Have you ever come across the enchanting fragrances and delights of a strawberry charlotte?

Charlotte is a dessert consisting of a Bavarian cream surrounded by a crown of sponge and covered with a crank whose main ingredient gives its name to the dessert itself. The dessert origins seem to have to be traced back to the Queen Charlotte, wife of George III for which it was created for the first time, and from which of course the dessert is named. And it’s a dessert that evokes refined romanticism, delicate and nuanced, recommend you try it if you get a chance.

And today we will try the vape interpretation by The Fuu. I trust in company Parisian and I cherish hopes to be able to try fascinating flavors of this dessert.

Giant Swing shows a persistent smell and a pungent hint of strawberry flavor accompanied by a creamy base; the preparation is in the sweet and reassuring complex, curious enough, but not much more reveals, seems to remain at a sufficiently simple aromatic and linear construct.


So I start my Aromamizer dripper and I decided to go with the taste of this flavor starting with a rather low wattage around 20 watts.

Strawberry emerges immediately in inspiration, has a good presence and is sufficiently graceful; smell seemed to me it could be with some edginess and instead fortunately during the vape session this does not happen. Its underlying acidity is very well controlled from the base of the dessert that guarantees prepared a certain softness.

In the middle phase of vaping it emerges what should be the component “charlotte” that manifests itself only through the delicate notes of cream while it is expected the presence of a ladyfingers biscuits. The first feeling is that the creamy component of the cream covers the biscuit notes but after a few puffs I realize that is not the cream to cover the essence of the cookies but the problem lies precisely in my opinion almost total absence of a flavoring I can remember the sophisticated taste of a Savoyard (ladyfingers) and refined facets that would guarantee.


The mix is ​​actually still enjoyable and such remains even when I decide to strengthen svapata gradually bringing the first 30 watts and then gradually up to 45 watts. Yes, of course, as almost always happens, the wattage increase results in a compression of the aromatic score, but on this occasion we can see it just because the great flaw of Giant Swing lies in the lack of a detailed and complex aromatic structure that would have remembered more loyalty the properties of a charlotte. Lacks the aromatic variety, taste appears monotonous and instead the components of a charlotte, from the Bavarian cream with ladyfingers, strawberry same blend that is added to the cream, until the whipped cream, together provide very different sensations.

Giant Swing is not at all an aroma badly indeed built, all the ingredients are dosed correctly and efficiently play their role; the vape feeling is pleasant and natural, is a good cream or cream to strawberries but his fidelity to what was promised is somewhat limited.

Perhaps it would not have been enough to call Charlotte with strawberries …

Recommended dilution: 15-18%

Steeping time:  10-15 gg

ico 2

Pro: E-liquid simple and pleasant even if…

Cons: …It does not keep the promise of being a strawberry charlotte.