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E-liquid review: Gladiotter (The Fuu) 10ml received by the manufacturer

Batch: GDT-03-020

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 80VG – 20PG

Expiry date: 05/2018

Devices: Rx200 + Druga dual coil 0,16 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

Today’s review is dedicated to Gladiotter Fuug Life by The Fuu.

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Gladiotter as described by the manufacturer:

Une base bubble-menthe qui rappelle ce bon vieux malabar bi-goût.

A base based on mint and mint chewing gum which recalls the good old taste of Malabar.

Immediately taking on the olfactory examination of Gladiotter, confirming similar notes to the bubble gum world. That indefinite fruity scent – usually grapes and red fruits – that undoubtedly, in the vaping you will have already had the opportunity to intercept. No mentholic scent is perceptible on the olfactory examination. The olfactory construct is also devoid of herbaceous notes, but those typical ultra-fine arabic gum veils and the fruity profile of Gladiotter, all in all, express a simple but pleasant bouquet.


The Fuu, in the description of his product, even mentioned “the good old taste of Malabar”. He did it in reference to mint, or however – more generally – to the world of spices. Malabar is a region located along the south-west coast of the Indian peninsula. It seems that in this region, about 4000 years before the Mediterranean, there has spread a strong culture of spices, essences and the specific use of plants for the care of the body and mind. But the Malabar was also a fundamental branch of the known silk route. Since the ‘300 its ports were active places of exchange and commerce, but only from the’ 500 – these places – also appeared in the European literature because of the Portuguese domination that talk about the intense perfumes. Even today, some varieties of mint (mint to say the truth) are identified with the name “Malabar”. A tribute to this does not yield herbal teas, cosmetics and brands that intend to fascinate the consumer with … a simple story, spicy, but very little is known. Even many cafes and tea rooms in the world still today take the name of “Malabar”.

If I’m not mistaken … no e-liquid brand had ever arrived at that. Re-evoke an extreme region of the south-west coast of the Indian peninsula … for !? Let’s find out together with the vaporization test of The Flavourist!

Gladiotter is able, already at 40w to release a dense steam fascinating. A steam full of taste easy to interpret, being an e-liquid inspired by the bubblegum world, but … I allowed myself to be ironic about the fact that The Fuu even mentioned the term “Malabar”. Behind all this there are however precise reasons.

malabar 02

Could the world miss a chewing gum called “Malabar” !? Of course not! A chewing gum even with a tattoo (fake) included. Since 1958, Cadbury France produces them. Do you remember them? Vape Gladiotter could help you. Actually this e-liquid is much more refined than the taste of a simple chewing gum. Without detracting from those produced by the French brand. The Fuu, presents us a delicious treat and lovers of the genre should not miss this e-liquid.

The puff is particularly soft and the notes “grape” particularly graceful and without acidity peaks. The synthetic sensation (of the bubble gum world) is partly filed by aromatic molars of excellent quality and ability to balance the flavors, masterly. The sweetening component is accompanied by a slight, but significant, mentholated note. Not overly fresh, but sufficient to accompany the gummy taste, ennobling it. A note of milk, almost imperceptible, further fades the flavors of Gladiotter.

malabar bulle

We are used to seeing this kind of e-liquid with suspicion. Guilt – perhaps – of the widespread poor quality. The Fuu, it must be admitted, has made an excellent e-liquid. Perhaps too good, too elegant, as mentioned. It is precisely the sweetening, in this link with the mentholated note, to amaze. Floral ideas emerge, more adhering to the magical world of herbalism … than chewing gum. It is not – who would have ever said it – a tired e-liquid. The aromatic persistence is intense and particularly appreciable. Mint, very little invasive. Graceful and lovable … like a menthol fresh milk.

ico 4

Pro: Great quality and selection of ingredients. Excellent balance of the recipe and the pleasant aromatic persistence.

Cons: Nothing to report.