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E-liquid review: Glazed (Glas Vapor) 75 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: n.a.

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 35 PG / 65 VG

Expiry date: n.a.

Devices: Council of Vapor Wraith 75w+ Hadaly RDA single coil 0.5 ohm (Kanthal A1 24 awg 0.5 mm) with Native Wicks Cotton.

Glas Vapor‘s boutique with its vaping perfumes, reopening, and reappearing on the pages of The Flavorist with a new “essence” ready for a taste of vape. The Californian company appeared on the international vaping scene in 2014, affirming and distinguishing itself for its refinement and quality of its products and above all for the way of presenting them: a unique and inimitable packaging. Any medium-long course vaper would be able to recognize a Glas bottle among a thousand other e-liquids flasks. If the advent of TPD has basically modified this so exclusive bottle, we do not know yet, but we will soon find out…

The e-liquid we review today for you is Glazed:

Freshly baked layers of buttery pastry meets a warm, sugar glaze, with hints of Madagascar vanilla – Your favorite donut redefined.


The opening of the bottle for the usual smell test carries me into a bakery designed in the preparation of many confectionery products, where a wave of inebriating scents suddenly catch my nose, telling me an irrepressible desire to sin of throat. It’s really a sinful scent that embraces me. A sweet and very buttery pastry of a brioche with a slight vanilla scent on the background. An incredibly intense aromatic scenario with a totally dominant buttery sensation.

So let’s try this brioche!

A delicate vanilla star opens up my mouth, Hadaly is the ideal instrument that delivers the sweet and attractive notes of Glazed. The vanilla spin amalgamate very early with all the aromatic complexity of a perfect and hot brioche “pasta”. A buttery “pasta” with a fragrance and softness of fresh and freshly baked product.

sugar glazed doughnut

In appreciating the incredible fidelity of Glazed with a true Sicilian brioche, the “brioche with the tuppo”, I understand how sophisticated and refined this compact “pasta” created by Glas. It’s true that probably the flavourists of the Californian company do not have the slightest idea of ​​what is a “brioscia cu ‘tuppu”, on the contrary here in Italy we know very well and boasts of the confectionery tradition of Sicily, and in fact the manufacturer speaks to us as a revised recipe of a baked donut. But Glazed with every puff is the inebriating scent of a real Sicilian brioche

The buttery note, as already felt in the smell, overwhelms the whole recipe, catches and then overwhelms the papilla, also aided by discreet sugary nuances. The overall aromatic impression is vast and deep, perhaps even a bit exaggerated. But it is an exaggerated sensation that also attracts even limited usability over time.

A fine caramelization with a pleasing hint of maple syrup, amplify the taste and sweetness of the recipe at the end of each puff, a moment before the expiration diffuses in the air the inebriating scent of freshly baked brioche.


And although in the end it is a “simple” empty brioche, its aromatic fullness evokes from every single puff. So tasty, round and oily, to be found and intrusive traits. Butter is a source of taste, and success ensured among the great people of the vapers, but it is also true that, always insinuating the dubiousness of the diacetyl presence, it is so strong that it often hampers the product’s longevity. Buttery products impact better and faster but also tends to tire too quickly.

Sicilian brioche2

Hot, warm and intense but perhaps a bit cuddly; this is Glazed, a fragrant and rich bakery product, faithful to reality, absolutely and highly credible, exalted and at the same time annihilated by the massive presence of an aroma. This time Glas’s chef in preparing his dough was a little too generous with butter.

Are you going to patisserie to buy you a shiny and hot “brioche with the tuppo”, or do you agree to open a bottle of Glazed?

ico 4

Pro: A delicious and deliciously freshly baked buttery brioche.

Cons: The butter ingredient is slightly over-dosed.