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E-liquid review: Goata-gun (The Fuu) 10ml received by the manufacturer

Batch: GTA03-08

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 80VG – 20PG

Expiry date: 07/2018

Devices: Rx200 + Druga dual coil 0,16 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

The Parisian The Fuu returns to being the subject of the investigations and tests of The Flavourist. Today we are examining Goata-gun, an e-liquid with a particularly complex and structured fruity profile of the Fuug Life line. Unique recipes (the producer says) and ambitious … let’s add! Extreme mixes, refined ingredients, a style … colorful, picturesque, jaunty, peasant … but nice.

A line entirely dedicated to 80VG – 20PG that promises aroma, inviting contrasts and … lots of steam.

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Groseille réaliste, acidulée et sucrée, relevée d’une pointe de citron et d’une très légère note « fresh » : une vape ensoleillée et fruitée.

Realistic Gooseberry, spicy and sweet, with a pinch of lemon and a very light “fresh” note: a sunny and fruity vaping.

At first glance the olfactory test does not seem more encouraging, but concentrating and letting go … a subtle citrus dressing complies with soft notes that evoke a hint of Gooseberry. The impression is not particularly natural, but perhaps I feel only influenced by a perfume – that of Goata-gun – widely used in the aromatization of cosmetics, toiletries, but also toys. Olfactively speaking, the intriguing notes of Goata-gun are childish, but not without charm.

goata gun 8020

Only the vaporization test will reveal more details about this recipe. In honor of the 80/20 The Fuu base, I could not choose another atomizer than the Druga. Excellent in aromatic yield, carefully studied and excellent materials for the world of cloud chasing.

The first puffs do not reveal a particularly sweet liquid. The presence of koolada is perceptible. Additive of which, in the reviews of The Flavourist, we have widely spoken. An ingredient that – depending on its concentration – gives the product a freshness that is usually overpowering and invasive. An icy effect of great character. In the case of Goata-gun instead, this ingredient is mixed with care and parsimony. It is not so penetrating, but its presence is indisputable. Acid and sweet notes draw the profile of the other two basic ingredients of this recipe. The gooseberry and the citrus note are tight in an olfactively embracing embrace of the same vaporization, but … but in taste … I fear that the search for a forced equilibrium has betrayed the producer.

oranges grapefruits lemons citron

The gustative impact is dry and lacking in verve, albeit accompanied by the release of tantalizing fragrances, albeit unkempt. On the lips, however, the valid representation of gooseberry lasts for a long time to cheer us up after unsatisfactory and empty puffs.

uva spina

Gooseberry berries are considered berries. In fact they are. Gooseberry (or crispa) comes from a bush. A perennial and thorny shrub that can produce yellow or red berries (hairy). Only when fully ripe, this berry can be called sweet. Jams, syrups and jellies are certainly a great way to turn this fruit into a rich protagonist of sweet moments, but as a medicinal and medicinal herb, the content of vitamin C, vitamin A, polyphenols, mineral salts and malic acid, make it an ingredient aromatically pleasant and useful to complete natural supplements of undoubted charm.

pane e marmellata

When I speak of “unsatisfactory and empty puffs”, in reality, I want to emphasize the two apparent defects of this recipe. A mere matter of expectations. It is the description and the producer that is “deceptive” … good-naturedly deceptive. This winks using the term “sweet”, but in reality the profile used for the gooseberry present in this recipe, is not exactly that of a particularly mature berry. A very thin acidity limits this ingredient and the sweetening used by the manufacturer does not help. Also the “lemon” mentioned in the description is a note to say the true weak that confers (certainly) a citrus ephase … devoid of character, but more oriented towards the pursuit of elegance. An elusive elegance, but present in the structure of the recipe, in the doses, in the choice (apparently) meticulous of excellent ingredients. Yes … the gooseberry is realistic as promised by the producer, but the official description of the product seems to presage a riot of taste and sweetness that … in nature we would not find. Goata-gun instead, to the detriment of the name and illustration of the character chosen to dress the label, has a realistic and naturalistic fruity garment.

ribes uva spina

Now … those who have never tasted gooseberries could be disappointed. Disappointed by the flat taste, in a world of e-liquid sweet and mischievous in taste. But the gooseberry … if it is not transformed into a jam … does not have a particularly intense taste. To orient you I will tell you that its taste is very similar (but not the same) to a currant (white, black …). Gooseberry has an aromatic content all its own, but the dryness of these notes – given the acidity of the berry – strongly limits its taste.

chewing gum 948x640

A handful of gooseberries is always the ever homogeneous mix of berries and the average of these flavors is well reminiscent of this recipe. More sweet, with more koolada, it would have been similar to many other recipes and perhaps … we would have accepted it willingly. It would have been similar to a chewing gum … while the Fuu did approach it, but it is not. Come on, I’m joking.

ico 3

Pro: Realistic.

Cons: Too realistic … almost boring !?