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E-liquid review: Great Breakfast (Drops Eliquid) 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: AGB317041

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: 06/2019

Devices: Eleaf iStic TC60w + NarDa RDA single coil 0.45 ohm (Kanthal A1 24awg 0.50mm) with organic japanese Cotton Puff.

Drops Eliquids is a leader company in Spain for the production of premium e-liquids. We started to know the Spanish manufacturer just a short time ago and today we continue our journey among the flavors of Drops, and after the review of Dear Donut, we try another e-liquid by the Artisan Selection line: Great Breakfast.

As usual, we report here the official e-liquid description taken from the manufacturer’s website:

Deliciosos cereales con miel, ligeramente azucarados y sumergidos en cremosa leche harán de tu desayuno un placer completo del que no podrás prescindir durante el resto del día. Si quieres empezar el dia de la mejor manera, Great Breakfast es tu líquido.

Delicious cereals with honey, lightly sweetened and dipped in creamy milk will make your breakfast a complete pleasure that you cannot do without during the rest of the day. If you want to start the day in the best way, Great Breakfast is your liquid.

The Great Breakfast bottle in our possession is a typical example of a 10 ml PET bottle perfectly in line with the requirements of the TPD directive. The label is simple but efficient and graphically presents the contents of the e-liquid, depicting a handful of whitewashed milk cereals. The beak tip dropper is very useful for any refill operation.

eliquids artisan selection

On the smell can not escape the inviting scent of sugary cereals that permeate strongly the whole e-liquid. A clean, natural taste, to which a somewhat moody background is added from the back. A simple recipe that strikes for its aromatic credibility to smell.

So I begin my vape with my NarDa dripper; can you ask for better in terms of aromatic restitution?

barrette cereali

Ehi guys breakfast is on the table! An energetic and healthy breakfast with cereals, milk and honey. Great breakfast on vape offers the simplest and the best you can have in a Mediterranean breakfast. Simple because it’s a relatively “easy” recipe, good because this e-liquid has, since its first puffs, a very good sensation of kindness and naturalness. Inspiration takes on a pleasant smell of mixed cereals with its typical “rustic” shades and the characteristic dry taste, which is dry and uninviting but which in the circumstances is more than lovable thanks to the contribution provided by a pinch sugar and especially honey. A great honey that covers all the cereal set. In this sense, the appeal to a real bar of cereals garnished with honey is obvious, indeed I must say that the feeling of tapping one of those bars is absolutely realistic!

latte miele cereali

The central phase of the vape enriches and completes this recipe, with the appearance of the milk element ready to receive and embellish the tasty cereal bar. Unsustainable is the contribution in terms of creaminess provided by milk flavor, which is also very credible and enjoyable. The mix is endowed with great balance and the milk itself does not “overwhelm” excessively, as it often happens in many overseas creations. Here the feeling is more liquid than dense, as it should really always be with the milk ingredient. Correct the interpretation of the manufacturer who did not let go of his hand, wasting the risk of disproportionate and coarse aromatic loads.

The balance and the excellent balancing of the ingredients of the mix moves gently in the exhalation phase where all the honey’s sinuousness rises and where we find an enviable aromatic persistence, despite the great aromatic load of Great Breakfast it is not overwhelming.


Great Breakfast not only for breakfast. At any time of the day, its features so gentle and invasive but exquisitely aromatic make it an all-day creamy e-liquid that, without ever boring, will always invoke a new puff.

The creation of Drops is certainly not particularly complicated and can not be defined as a creative mix, but it is undeniable that the Spanish manufacturer has made it with wisdom and precision, presenting us a loyal and very tasty product.

An optimally successful e-liquid interpretation of cereal snacks to savor and enjoy with pleasure during the day’s breaks.

ico 4

Pro: A cereal bar with very credible and tasty honey.

Cons: Maybe a recipe a little bit simple.