Name: Hadron 220 (Steam Crave) – Mod – received by Vaporoso

Format: Dual 21700 battery  VW-TC mod

Max Power: 220 Watt

Colors: Black, Gunmetal

Price: ~ € 110


Hadron 220, the vaping giant!

Steam Crave is a historical brand registered in the United States and the European Union for a range of vaping products designed and manufactured in China. Steam Crave is well known among the worldwide vapers for its Aromamizer line atomizers, a particularly innovative range that fully reflects the company’s philosophy. Steam Crave products established themselves over time for their extraordinary ability to guarantee a very realistic and intense aromatic restitution, but today, strange to say, we will not deal with atomizers but with the brand’s latest electronic mod, the Hadron 220.
We begin to observe it starting as usual from the contents of the package.


1 x Steam Crave Hadron Box Mod
1 x Dual 18650 adaptor
1 x USB cable
1 x User manual


Leaving aside for a moment the size and weight of this mod, which we will discuss in the next paragraph, we immediately dwell on the coupled build quality-design which, from the first approach, is more than ever successful. The box is entirely built in zinc alloy and has been worked to perfection in every detail, from the display, passing through its four buttons and ending with the solidity of the battery compartment door. The massive chassis, resistant to shocks and even accidental drops, guarantees adequate protection to the YiHi SX490 chipset with which the mod is equipped. The essential and minimal lines together with its satin finish, give it a modern but at the same time austere and incredibly elegant look.
Hadron is a true top mod(el)!


Do you remember all the time when we labeled a mod as big and large? Ok forget it, because the Hadron 220 is much more, without if and without but. We are faced with an object that measures 99.2 mm in height, 48 mm in width and 38 mm in depth, for a weight of 187.5 g that reaches about 325 g with the 21700 batteries included.
When little but simple numbers say much more than many words … The Hadron 220 is the Goliath of vaping!

Faced with these imposing measures, it is natural that Hadron cannot represent the maximum in terms of portability even if it must be said that, despite all the limitations of the case, the ergonomics of the product is certainly good, in our opinion superior to box of similar size. The grip in hand is quite comfortable and its stability is impeccable given the weight and the support surface even greater than 18 cm².


The added value of the Hadron 220 is undoubtedly represented by the YiHi SX490 circuit which together with a 1.2″ TFT HD display allows to manage the high powers available to the vaper. The two 21700 batteries (it is however possible to use 18650 batteries using the special adapter supplied) it also guarantees excellent autonomy even if in the case of vaping at high powers.

Let’s see now more detail about the characteristics of the YiHi SX490 chip. With this circuit you can operate in variwatts and with temperature control (all types of wire are supported) and anti dry-burn technology.

The box, which allows you to store up to 5 vaping programs (M1-M5) both in watts and in TC, also has four different output modes: powerful +, powerful, standard and soft.

There are also numerous protection functions:

  • low resistance protection: with resistance lower than 0.05 ohm the device shows on the display “Low Res!”;
  • low voltage protection: with voltage lower than 6.4V the device shows “Low Battery!” on the display;
  • high voltage protection: with voltage higher than 9V on the display will appear “High Battery”;
  • overheating protection: if the chip temperature is too high, the device will enter in protection showing on the screen “Too Hot”;
  • reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection;
  • dry hit protection: in TC mode, the circuit detects if the atomizer has too little wet cotton. The device will stop to avoid a dry hit.

Last, but equally important feature of the Hadron 220, is the ability to set the “novice” mode designed primarily for novice users; in this mode (accessed by holding simultaneously for 3 seconds the + and – buttons) the vaper can only adjust the output wattage.

During the practical test, the Hadron 220 proved to be a very fast, precise and reactive mod, in short, with decidedly high performance, especially in the temperature control; how could it have been otherwise in the presence of the goodness of a YiHi circuit, even if it is not the most advanced of the great YiHi Technology family.

We close the paragraph on the Hadron 220 functions, but not before having mentioned the last great feature of the Hadron 220 that allows it to transform into a squonk mod (pin 510 already prepared for this use), applying on its back the manufacturer’s squonk bottle (available separately) of dimensions 99 x 48 x 17.2 mm and with a capacity of 25 ml. Let’s be clear, if already in the battery box version the Hadron is very large and heavy, in the squonk version it becomes absolutely mammoth.

Unfortunately, we have not had the opportunity to try Hadron in squonk mode but we would like to do it in the future.  Who knows we’ll see…


In “novice” mode, specially designed for entry level users, the Hadron is relatively simple to use, although we found that to adjust watts and/or temperature you have first to press the “enter” button (the central one of the three at the bottom) to enable the power or temperature adjustment.


Vaper experts and lovers of large atomizers, if you are not afraid of the size and weight of a box mod, then the Hadron 220 by Steam Crave will be right for you, sure to have a mod with excellent performance by virtue of the YiHi Sx490 chipset with which it is equipped. A perfect table and living room mod.

Recommended to: hardcore vapers

  • 7.5/10
    In the Box - 7.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Design & Build Quality - 9.5/10
  • 5.5/10
    Ergonomics & Portability - 5.5/10
  • 9/10
    Functions & Performances - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Ease of use - 7/10

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