E-liquid review: Harvest Berry (Velvet Cloud) 30 ml – received by the manufacturer

Declared base: ultra VG

Batch: n.d.

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Expiry date: n.d.

Devices: HCigar VTinbox + Maze V2 RDA dual coil 0.4 ohm (Kanthal A1 26 awg 0.40 mm ) with japanese organic cotton.

Today The Flavourist presents in a Italy’s preview the product review of the famous Californian brand Velvet Cloud and, considering the quality of its creations, that we already widely tested in our previous articles, we hope will reach our market soon. Believe us, it will find many admirers!


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The 30 ml bottle is made of glass, with a white cap and child-proof closure; the dropper tip has a medium size beak. The label is very nice, it transmits a sense of craftsmanship and has a professional and elegant impact thanks to the handmade illustrations of the product and the patinated effect. The different American standards than those in force in Europe mean that the information on the bottle are very different and less precise than those we usually find on “our” e-liquids.


Velvet Cloud describes today’s liquid, Harvest Berry as:

A tour de force of berry goodness. Harvest Berry features a base of blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry and complements it with subtle cherry notes that add just the right amount of tanginess.

On the nose Harvest Berry shows a clear dominance of raspberry over a light alcoholic background, very similar to what is perceived opening a jar of jam due to the high concentration of sugar. Even though the smell vaguely remembers something made of fruity candies, what is perceived is very soft and the scent is kind. A slight vanilla undertone makes the recipe even more inviting.

I have prepared my Maze V2 RDA with a flavor cap and a moderate setting (0.4 ohm) to seize the best aromatic nuances.

The puff is very pleasant, aromatic and never over-charged, as we have discover with others Velvet Cloud creations. It’s a widespread opinion that American liquids are particularly loads from the aromatic point of view and make an excessive use of sucralose. This can be true, but only in part, and certainly does not apply to Velvet Cloud products!

In Harvest Berry the aromatic load is definitely high, but the harmony of all ingredients and the velvety sensation persists during all vaping phases, so that the level of flavoring is well balanced and delicate. It’s like tasting a homemade jam berries! Rich, fragrant and full-bodied. On the inhale the taste of an elegant raspberry stands out with the right amount of bitterness, is strong and penetrating but it’s balanced and harmonized by a sweet and invitating strawberry and a shy blueberry. The mix is harmonious and soft, a pleasant feeling buds on the palate while a dense and silky vapou hovers in the air.


The core of puff and especially on the exhale offers us a frame made of a cherry background, adding further hint of flavor to the already rich taste of the e-eliquid. And on the exhale some floral nuances sublimate this elegant creation of the Californian brand. Speaking of elegance when it comes to Velvet Cloud is never redundant, indeed it is imperative.

To enjoy this velvety red fruits at its best, I recommend a not too pushed setting. In my opinion it reaches the best performace between 30 and 40 watts: the warm steam manages to grasp well enough all the nuances of the ingredients, which are not really easily recognisable. Higher wattages, although they not alter the mixing balance at all, however tend to hide certain facets, flattening it all a little.

Perfect in every season and for any time of the insatiable vaper’s day, Harvest Berry is a timeless e-liquid.

ico 4

Pro: A very smooth mix of red fruits, creamy and velvety.

Cons: It is not easy to discern the various fruits in the mix.