Name and Format: Hassasin (Dinamo Pure) – Concentrated flavour 5 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: IDA3D0220

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Used Base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 02/2023

Devices: The Golden Greek Cybrillion V3 tube mod + Luca Creations Alpha RTA single coil 1.0 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime

Dinamo Pure is the brand with which Idea Vape, a distribution company born from a joint venture between Vaporificio and Officine Svapo, markets its line of hemp extracts. The Dinamo Pure line consists of four 5 ml glycol flavors to be diluted with 5 ml of vegetable glycerol (supplied by the manufacturer), to obtain the 10 ml ready-to-vape e-liquid in VPG 50/50 composition. All the aromas by DInamo Pure are full spectrum and contain 300 mg of CBD. As illustrated in the photo below, the four aromas are: Skywalker, Orange, Pineapple and Hassasin.

Particularly attracted by the name and its characteristics, I decided to start my journey within this promising line with Hassasin.

Here is the description of Hassasin taken from the official website of Officine Svapo:

Questo estratto si rivolge agli amanti del sapore Hash, e non solo, che apprezzano i nostri estratti completamente naturali e sempre di grande impatto.

This extract is aimed at lovers of the Hash flavor, and not only that, who appreciate our completely natural and always impactful extracts.

Hassasin is an aroma completely extracted from the legal hemp Coni Cream hash, already winner of the Canapa Cup 2017 and Canapa Mundi 2018 award. It is a legal hash dry harvested with a sieve from different varieties of certified hemp, of which the main one is Futura75, a quality of hemp that has a high terpene charge.


On the smell Hassasin immediately gives off a good perfume, something which is not obvious in terms of intensity, when there is a legal hash. My nose perceives a slight spicy scent within a delicately aromatic and resinous frame. Hassasin’s aromatic fidelity to a real hash, and consequently to the raw material from which it is made, is really high, indeed I would say absolute. This smell test is undoubtedly the best viaticum for the vape test that I am going to face with very high expectations.

For a new brand and aroma to test, it seemed right to me to grant the vape test to the new and flaming Alpha RTA by Luca Creations, a 22 mm atomizer made entirely of stainless steel and especially made in Italy. On the other hand, in the high end vaping segment, Luca Creations is a name that certainly needs no introduction.


The expectations of the smell test are not neglected by the vape test, because from the first puff Hassasin reveals itself with a truly enviable aromatic intensity. Full of resinous nuances that manifest themselves clearly during inspiration, Hassasin transports me without hesitation into an atmosphere with deeply meditative outlines. The initial notes of resin are paired with the more grassy hints of the central phase of the puff, supported by a light but clear earthy background.

The palate is filled with all the richness of the aromatic range of this Coni Cream hash extract, and is enraptured by the size of its bouquet. Hassasin shows off all its intemperance by showing a hit in the throat domineering and uncompromising.

The scenography designed by this aroma is clear: the taste buds are teased and kidnapped by deep flavors of incense and resin that seem to rise from a carpet of dry grass; at the same time the palate is tickled with decision and vehemence by a very vigorous and penetrating aroma, which induces to delay a little between one puff and another. The tingling sensation in the throat is in fact verye accentuated if you take closer and compulsive puffs. An undoubtedly stinging aroma.

Even in exhalation Hassasin has a persistent and incredibly broad, rich and multifaceted taste; it is the confirmation of the quality of the extraction work done and the raw material used.

No doubt about it, with Hassasin you get into a powerful vape both by strength and by aromatic charge, but above all you breathe an air of deep and intense relaxation. Meditation and total self-surrender…

Suggested dilution: 50%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 2 days

Pro: From the internationally renowned legal hash Coni Cream, a domineering and very relaxing extract

Cons: It tastes sharp on the palate especially with close-up puffing sequences

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