E-liquid Review: Hazelnut Cake (solido) 30 mL – received by the producer

Batch: n.d.

Nico: 6 mg / ml

Declared basis: 50% VG – 50% PG

Expiration Date: n.d.

Devices: RX200 + Griffin dual coil 0.22 ohms (SS316L 0.46mm 25 AWG) with Japanese organic cotton.

We have already become familiar with this brand with the review of Tobacco Caramel, that you can find here on The Flavourist. The impressions have been excellent and today we devote our attention to Hazelnut Cake.

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I like the packaging of this line very much and what I appreciate the most is that, in addition to the image of the dessert scene that inspires the product, the producer explains the description of the recipe on the side of the box.


Here the description of Hazelnut Cake by Solido:

A combination of cake and hazelnut, enhanced with marshmallow hint that are blend into perfection, for an impeccable taste.

On the sides of the box we can find icons and safety requirements, ingredients and brand references. The bottle has a good beak type dropper and the childproof cap is impeccable.

The olfactory examination clearly takes us into the tasty world of Solido. The smell is that of a hazelnut cream mixed with honey and caramel. A more substantial glaze reminds me of chocolate. As if it were a distinct aromatic reinforcement, I perceive a double fragrance of hazelnuts: one, more intense and woody, seems to recall the shell of the nut, while the other notes build a underground with a smoother, sweeter and more sumptuous body.

Toasted-Rosemary-Cayenne-Mixed-NutsOn vaping the puff is immediately full and rich tasting. A first bite of this crazy cake! The particular consistency is perceptible on the inhale, as the aromaticity traces and redefines the olfactory perceptions. I distinguish different types of hazelnut. One in the form of a warm and soft cream. The dried fruit and the scent of the shells. The shells are perhaps more similar to the nuts than to the hazelnuts. And then a trace of pralines and caramel, similar to thin nougat flakes, which confer an overall high sweetness, although still credible.

Praline torroncino the flavouristI play with the wattages and the aerosity of my Griffin. I get a clean and continuous taste and an extreme aromatic persistence that tempt my taste buds, not to mention the smell spread by this Hazelnut Cake by Solido. The steam is very dense.

chocolate_and_hazelnut_38207_16x9I do not distinguish a clear perception for example of a sponge cake that frames all these tastes and that could simulate the texture of the cake, but I confirm my previous olfactory perception. I perceive a chocolate shade, gianduja to be exact, that mixing with the other flavors simulates the effect of a baked cake. But Solid, as honestly stated, has revealed the real secret of this gluttonous Hazelnut Cake.

Marshmallows on white backgroundThe marshmellow, or a subtle perception of ethyl maltol, together with this very rich aromatic structure provides a typical additional sweetness. Thanks to this perfectly dosed trick the different hints of hazelnut cambines and enriches the puff. You cannot just imagine the taste of hazelnuts and gianduja, you have to try it.

This play among the perceptions makes vaping very stimulating, even if we are talking about an apparently simple cake. Hazelnuts Cake won’t make you tired and you will feel greedy gluttonous.

In fact, the recipe more complex than it might seem. Particularly on the inhale I perceive a light note of fruit. It’s well hidden and difficult to decipher and it binds to the creamy sweetness of the puff.

Are we sure that we are talking about a classical cake? I have my very clear idea.

mallow-brownies the flavourist It is undoubtedly a brownie with hazelnuts and chocolate garnished with mashmellow. The texture and pastiness of the puff leave no doubt.

I’m sure, we will not miss to include Hazelnut Cake in the list of e-liquids for our Best Of summer. The competition is high in the category of creamy e-liquids.

ico 5

Pro: high quality of the ingredients and great mixture of flavors and molecules. A delicious and perfectly simulate drecipe.

Cons: nothing to object.