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E-liquid review: Heaven Secret (Drops Eliquid) 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: ADS317041

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: 06/2019

Devices: Geekvape Aegis 100 W + Geekvape Peerless RDA single fused clapton coil 0.68 ohm (Nichrome core 30 awg x 3 + outer 38 awg) with Native Wicks cotton.

Drops Eliquids is a leader company in Spain in the production of premium e-liquids. Our team, after having had the pleasure to meet the guys of Drops during the Vapitaly 2017, began a series of reviews to let the general public know the creations of the Spanish friends.

Today we resume our exploratory journey through the flavors of the Artisan Selection line. We have already told you in recent months of Dear Donut and Great Breakfast and today we are going to review Heaven Secret.

Here is the official description of Heaven Secret:

Vuelve a disfrutar de uno de los dulces con más tradición. Exquisitas rosquillas de anís, elaboradas con la sabrosa masa hecha en casa y con una fina cobertura azucarada.

Return to enjoy one of the sweets with more tradition. Exquisite anise donuts, made with the tasty homemade dough and with a fine sugar coating.

The Heaven Secret bottle in our possession is a typical example of a 10 ml PET bottle perfectly in line with the requirements of the TPD directive. The label is simple but effective and graphically depicts the content of the silhouette depicting a freshly thinned donut. The thin tip dropper is very useful for any refill operation.

eliquids artisan selection

On the smell, you can perceive clear and captivating notes of fried dough that underlie a persistent fragrance of anise. The olfactory perception is limpidly in symbiosis with the official description of the product and, considering the two previous reviews of this line, I prepare myself with great curiosity for the vape test. So let’s start with first drops of Heaven Secret inside my Peerless.

Do you know a Rosquilla? We already talked about it during the Dear Donut review and as the manufacturer anticipated in his official description, Heaven Secret is the liquid form interpretation of a real Spanish Rosquilla. Even Dear Donut was, and so in the Heaven Secret vaping I expect to taste an anise variant of Dear Donut, although to be more precise, Heaven Secret is the real Spanish rosquilla, the most common, the so-called “Rosquilla tonta”.

A pleasant fried dough scent emerges in inspiration with good intensity and naturalness. It is possible to distinguish notes of bread dough to represent the base of the dough subsequently fried. The fried smell has a good aromatic load and is accompanied by a light sugared finish. Although in the creation of most e-liquids is a fairly common practice to use sucralose as sweetener, in this case the perceived does not seem sucralose at all but real grains of sugar.

Rosquillas Tontas

After the short inspiratory phase, in the central phase of the puff I can taste a consistent fragrance of anise that with a certain vigor takes the whole aromatic scene. The aroma of anise appears to be of good quality, although in my opinion slightly overdone. Its strength allows on the one hand to dampen the scents of frying that, in the long run during the vape, become a little cloying, and on the other hand adds vivacity to the e-liquid leaving a clean and refreshing sensation on the palate at the end of puff.

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The aromatic bouquet load has a good balance, as well as all the ingredients appear in good balance, although, in some situations, the taste persistence of the anise is slightly invasive. The e-liquid thanks to the presence of the anise and the reduced sugar content is not cloying and seems perfect for an all day vape.

After having tasted a real one, I believe that Heaven Secret’s loyalty to a truly “Rosquilla tonta” is so high. Of course, the fried donut with anise it’s a particular combination, a dessert with a so specific taste. The anise has a longer persistence than the rest of the bouquet, in long vape sessions it will represent the dominant flavor of the whole e-liquid.

Also in this circumstance as in the previous two of the Artisan line, the Spanish manufacturer showed great skill in creating a very tasty product, even if in the end a bit repetitive. Why create in a line of four products two almost identical e-juice?

ico 3

Pro: Faithful and tasty interpretation of a true Rosquilla tonta.

Cons: Only a variant of the e-liquid Dear Donut.