E-liquid review: Highway 66 – Tobacco Ridge line (Kind Juice) 30 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 1068

Nico: 1,5 mg/ml

Declared base: 100% VG

Expiry date: n.a.

Devices: Eleaf iStick TC60w + Ataman v2 RTA single coil 0.9 ohm (Kanthal A1 29 awg 0.28 mm); Laisimo Snowwolf 200w plus + Recoil RDA dual coil 0.4 ohm (Kanthal A1 24 awg 0.50 mm) with Native Wicks cotton.

Kind Juice, is an American brand of premium e-liquids made with the only use of extracts and natural ingredients. The Flavourist has already reviewed two products by their classic line, Key West Sunset (Nomination for the Best of 2017) and Once In A Blue Moon, and is now ready to review Highway 66, a product by the Tobacco Ridge line, a line of tobacco extracted e-liquids.

The image below, illustrates the process used by Kind Juice to make their tobaccos.


Tobacco Ridge Poster

Highway 66 is officially described as follows:

Take a drive down Americana with this bold classic tobacco flavor. ***N.E.T. from Organic Tobacco. Brewed for 8 weeks and aged for 4 months, this tobacco flavor will remind you of the real thing.

The Highway 66 bottle is a 30 ml dark glass bottle with a childproof cap and a dropper with beak tip. The label has a vintage old-fashioned style that makes it easy to see the sense of an artisanal product, ancient and above all natural. The information on the bottle is quite generic and with regard to the ingredients, we can read that the liquid contains vegetable glycerin and tobacco flavored flavor. There is an indication of the level of nicotine and the content in ml of the product, but there’s no an expiry date. This bottle obviously is not conform to the European TPD Directive.

Kind Juice Highway 66

The smell test does not help us to understand the product. The liquid is almost totally odorless. Amazed? Of course not! It is well-known that natural tobacco in most cases has almost nonexistent scent. In the case of the Highway, if we just want to be meticulously fussy, we might say that we feel the soft, sweet notes of a “raw” tobacco. Nothing more, and then, let’s vape Highway 66!

I start the vape test with the aromatic mouth to lung Ataman V2 atomizer, 15 watts and closed air. You know that I’m a sluggish for a low-watt tobacco vape! One, two, three puffs and I can’t find tantalizing tobacco nuances. I continue with cheeks but my Ataman continues to “reject to the sender”. I only notice a persistent sweetie note that emerges strong from a base of treated leather flavor. Everything is very small and blurry. Everything is very weird if we consider that the manufacturer classifies Highway 66 as a robust tobacco.


tobacco ridge cat

Knowing that overseas tobacco tastes are drastically different from our Mediterranean ones, both for traditional tobacco and for tobacco vape, and that it favors a lighter and more soft taste for this kind of product, I decide to scramble completely the cards on the table: dripper in dual coil, airy and 40-50 watts of power. Blasphemy pure? For many of you, I’m sure of course, but The Flavourist team has the duty to test and test 360 degrees especially when even a slight perplexity creeps dangerously into the nuances of a liquid.

And in fact, changing the Highway 66 analysis device gives us clearer answers. The e-liquid at medium high power and with good airiness acquires corpusity and character. In inspiration emerge the linear and dry notes of Burley tobacco, completely tramorted by a gentle agglomeration in the low wattage test. The so packed tobacco experience is very credible and enjoyable. Dry tobacco with bitter tips that in the heart of the puff gets richer and rounded up by acquiring a slightly more sugary nuance. A greasy and treated leather feel gently caresses the palate, alternating with darker and toasted accents. In the background there is always a more decisive and pungent aromatic structure that gives character to the whole blend.



Highway 66 is an e-juice with a double face or perhaps we’ve discovered one that the manufacturer did not minimally consider because it is not conceivable according to American culture. In Italy, except for a few exceptions, a tasty tobacco e-liquid comes up with very little wattages with little atomizers and our tastes make us appreciate no tasty, smelly tobacco blends.

tobaccoridge kindjuice

In the USA and in the Anglo-Saxon culture, generally a tobacco e-juice has a more modest appeal and the only pure taste of tobacco is transposed with difficulty. It is no coincidence that overseas vapers tend to prefer very light tobacco and even more flavored tobacco liquids in which North American manufacturers are absolute masters.

The result is that a tobacco e-liquid is a liquid like any other, tobacco is an ingredient as it may be a cream and as such it is not conceivable to vape it differently than other e-liquid. This explains this controversial and difficult review that has placed us in front of an e-liquid with a diametrically opposite behavior based on the used device.

Excellent according to the typical Anglo-Saxon mood, not so good in our opinion according to the Mediterranean style to vape intense tobacco flavors but always slowly.


ico 3

Pro: A tobacco with a good-looking character, considering the tastes and of Anglo-Saxon vapers.

Cons: Swaddled at low wattages according to a traditionally Italic style, it lacks balance and the right force.