E-liquid review: Honeydew Brew (Convicted Vapes by Premium Labs) 5 ml – received by the manufacturer

Declared base: 25 PG / 75 VG

Batch: n.a.

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Expiry date: 09/2018

Devices: Laisimo Snowwolf 200w plus + NarDa RDA single coil 0.5 ohm (Kanthal A1 24 awg 0.50 mm ) with japanese organic cotton.

Convicted Vapes is an e-liquids trademark by the Canadian Premium Labs, a leading – if not the biggest – manufacturer in Canada, producing an endless series of  brands well known in North America, much less here in Europe, even if in some European shops (mainly English) some of these products are said to be already available.

The Convicted vapes line is composed of three e-liquids: Heavy Metal, T.I.D. and Trays Up. Today we will be reviewing, before everyone else in Italy, Heavy Metal and in the coming weeks we will deal with the other two Convicted Vapes.

Authentic Aspire Nautilus X - 3FAPE

The e-liquid bottle is in black glass, with childproof cap and glass dropper with pointed beak. The bottle displays the usual precautions and instructions for use, the composition of the liquid (75% VG 10% PG and 15% PG with artificial flavors), manufacturer’s information and various symbols about the use and recycling of the product. It is unlikely (but I can’t say for sure because the bottles in our possession are 5ml samples) that it’s a DPT ready product, but it is likely that by next spring the Canadian manufacturer will adapt to the applicable regulations for the European market.


On the manufacturer’s website there is no real descriptions of the products of this line and about Heavy Metal we can only read the following:

Honeydew brew

The Honeydew melon (in Italy simply green melon) or “Honey Dew” belongs to the muskmelon family, and is of purely North American origin. Its creamy white pulp is rich in juice and sugar and has a delicate, sweet scent that makes it one of the most delicious fruits to eat from August till the following spring; In fact, it keeps perfectly during the winter months and the more mature, the most is enriched with sugar and aroma. It is spherical, with a smooth skin that becomes whitish through ripening.

On the smell Honeydew melon is … simply melon. I could tell you that you will perceive the clear notes of a green melon but, dear vaper friends, you won’t. It’s a flawless and marked fragrance of a generic melon, very inviting but considering its aromatic load, is virtually impossible to distinguish another notes on the nose. I leave to the vaping test the task to reveal any other particularity of this e-liquid.


The first puffs with my Narda return me a sweet and particularly fragrant melon taste. Do I clearly distinguish the notes of a honeydew melon? Well no, I don’t. Nevertheless it is a particularly sweet and inviting melon, perhaps even sweeter than other melon based e-liquid (usually cantaloupe melon). I note with pleasure that the very high sugar content of this e-liquid does not seem to be given by the massive presence of sucralose, on the contrary, it seems to come from the intrinsic sweetness of its main ingredient. At the end of the puff a lightly sour background barely mitigates the domineering sweetness of the melon. I think it’s a citrus component, easily lemon or perhaps lime juice, completing the structure of a true summer e-juice. The puff is pleasant although very aromatic and the vaporization is soft and fat. Maybe in the long run it could become a bit cloying, especially for the feature of this green melon, which is very – maybe too much – sweet and floral.


A simple recipe, well enough done with a brand new ingredient (or maybe not?), that can be well appreciated from the first puff thanks to its simplicity; It is easy to understand, is not conceived for a purely tasting vape session, it just wants to shine in the firmament of those e-liquids specifically created to produce joyful clouds during the warm summer nights.

So, Honeydew Brew is not a liquid that needs to be understood, it just have to be compulsively vaped, ad nauseam, what could occur relatively soon for many vapers. For many others it won’t occur at all. Unpretentious but lovable and not too cloying, even for those – like myself – who just don’t like melon e-liquids.

ico 3

Pro: the scent of honeydew melon is really pleasant.

Cons: a simple recipe, perhaps too simple.