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Name e Format:  House V by Black Note (Vaporificio & Black Note) – concentrated liquid 20 ml – received by the manufacturer.

Batch: VBSC0618

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 03-2020

Devices: Tesla stealth 40w + Vampire V2 1.00 omh (Kantal A1 28AWG) + Cotton bacon V2

So we come to the end of our path called Blacknote and Vaporificio that gave us the opportunity to try with you in the last few months their two lines. Born from the wisdom of two Italian and one American producers, which over the years have matured reaching a great experience and wisdom finding in their way very few rivals in their field of tip, the so-called N.E.T, ie the naturally extracted tobaccos; of which not only we could enjoy the goodness of their aromatic “little creatures”, but also the quality of the raw material used, remembering that no corrective chemical is added to the bare and raw tobacco on which these liquids are molded.

Speaking of the line that we are preparing to conclude with the latest aroma of the five that make up a lineup inspired by the musical world, thanks to which we came across unprecedented concerts full of musicians who have entertained and surprised us with their notes played brilliantly and artistically. After having danced on several notes thanks to our atomizers we can not wait to go to the disco to dance and unleash on the House records that our friends DJ have prepared for the occasion.

House by Blacknote and Vaporificio is presented with the usual packaging a bottle with dropper inside with 20 ml of aroma to which will be added the classic base 10ml with or without nicotine. This time the characteristic color of the label is the dark gray on which we find a wild dj that loads its audience with its sound. The result after mixing and after a few days of waiting, is a liquid with very light and shades tending to yellow. In addition to the name: House, we find another description, Oriental blend. From this eliquid then we expect an oriental blend with great spicy thrust and maybe some rich and full flavoring that allows the leaves to express themselves to the maximum.

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This is the description given to us by the producers:

Flavor Profile: Mellow: Pleasant and light, this blend is created from the classic small leaves of Oriental tobacco, which were grown and cured by the sun in complex Southern Mediterranean soils. While delicate, the blend is likewise complex, spicy, and sweetly aromatic.

The precise and detailed description, does not deny us to fly with the imagination before this liquid presented in such an important way. An aromatic profile soft, but full of taste with spicy and slightly spicy tones given by the oriental blend that has in its ropes these characteristics and that make it always appreciated so much. From which we expect a light flavoring and that makes it slightly sweet and appreciable to all types of palate.

House 10ml

Let’s go to the olfactory test, which proves to be more complex than we expected, the notes of tobacco unlike other liquids are those that initially appear on our stage, we can perceive rich and full plant tones, almost slightly wet, the presence smoked and slightly dry it is not present in an excessive but nevertheless perceptible way, the spicy characteristics result in a slight nettle on the nose. Instead we make it slightly difficult to identify the flavoured component that we review in the final part of the track, but which contains all the notes in itself, attracting our attention with slight known sweets not excessive.

The olfactory test has really granted us many aromatic cues that we can not wait to translate into steam, so prepared the coil and filled our tank we proceed with the test of vaporization. The first puff, long awaited, is really tasty and rich, the taste of oriental leaves characterized by small leaves, but “oily” and spicy, it conquers us by playing its notes in a precise manner and making clear its importance in this track . The “DJ” insists with its bass and its mixes in this direction that allows us to recognize different nuances, the oriental leaves cured in the sun certainly remain dry but also sweet at the right point, when the dry notes play everything is accompanied by hints spicy and spicy instead in its vegetal part the soft taste is accompanied by sweet and pasty notes. The rumble in the speakers is strong but everything is quiet thanks to the slightly sweet aromatic addition that manages to soften the context making everything very audible and appreciable.

On the whole, in this eliquid we find all the elements that characterize and to which the producers have accustomed us. This time the producers have focused more on the tobacco component leaving the aromatization slightly behind, an excellent solution that in our opinion makes this aroma the simplest of the line studied certainly with the aim of pleasing the general public. The result is still an excellent flavoured tobacco that can be enjoyed at any time of day, but that we believe deserves a little more step and that once done will satisfy the tastes of all even the navigated vapers.


The test also for this product was carried out for several ml, the duration of the coils was in line with the other aromas of the line slightly warmer tones and the presence of sweet tobaccos make regeneration mandatory after about 6 ml. However in line with the modern market trends.


Suggested dilution: 10%

ico 4

Pro: A delicate and very good spicy and sweet balance.

Cons: It lacks that point decided to take flight to the liquid.