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E-liquid review: Hunter (Vaporificio) 10 ml – received by the producer

Batch: SG200916

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base:  n.d.

Data scadenza: 09/2018

Devices: iStick TC60W + Magma V2 RDA single coil (Kanthal A1 0.32 mm 28 awg) 1.0 ohm with japanese organic cotton.

After a long absence, back in the pages of The Flavourist the “steam artisans”, the experts Vaporificio’s flavourists with a new set of e-liquids that are complimented by well-known Cumber, Izmir and Il Moro of a few years ago.

The Vaporificio is a name that Italy does not need any introduction. The Roman company has been among the first in absolute if not the first to market in Italy large-scale tobacco e-liquids derived from pure tobacco extracts.

The Flavourist today begins a series of branded Vaporificio tastings that will arise all the more interesting.

The e-liquid is the day Hunter, as described by the manufacturer:

The fragrance and aroma in the round of this liquid for electronic cigarette remembers the smoke pipe. Vallonea has a shade of oak and juniper wild along with a fruity background that takes us on a pleasant and relaxing symphony.


Before starting to taste the vapors of our Hunter just a look to the bottle in our possession. It is a 10 ml amber glass bottle with a child-proof cap with a label in classic style showing different information. Logo, product name, nicotine content, smoking intensity, handling precautions and advice in the event of accidental contact, the production lot number, expiration date and tactile symbol of danger for blind people have all information you will find on the product label. Missing only the percentage composition of the base used. On the manufacturer’s site are also the safety data sheets of each of the products. No fault in terms of product labeling.

The smell of Hunter does not offer special assessment cues, this thing on paper anything but negative. We know how the smell of tobacco extracts, except for Latakia, does not have a particular smell. In this case you perceive a slight hint of manure with a connotation rather sweetish which suggests the presence of Virginia tobacco. The general feeling is that it is faced with a delicate and not particularly strong mixture.


And here I am now in vape test for which, following the advice of the manufacturer, I set a Magma RDA in a 1.0 ohm single spaced coil.

Since the first puffs Hunter reveals an absolute value showing a liquid aromatic complexity as a few other e-liquid of its kind. The top notes immediately catch my palate thanks to a close association between a strong tobacco sweetness mixed to a more woody and woody scent: a few puffs of study, and in fact an oak note is perceived slight but clear. The tobacco blend is very structured and appears linke an “english blend pipe” although in my opinion devoid of Latakia. The mix of tobacco we discover little by little, the liquid must be studied, savoring it and tasting it with slow aspirations before we can understand all his innermost facets.


If early on you tend to perceive a slight tobacco and very sugary, easily a bright virginia, the body of the bouquet is certainly more intense and structured and sweet scents, replaced by the more vigorous tobacco and drier always supported by aromas and fragrances of the woods; there are all the elements to be able to say whether it’s a Kentucky but when, after several mouthfuls, I perceive a fruity component vaguely sweet-sour, I recognize a Cherry background perfume and I understand that, in all probability, we have here a Cherry Cavendish, built on a tobacco flavoring Kentucky and Burley. This process Cavendish gives to the e-liquid a perfect balance and harmony absolute aromatic. A return of the characteristic stamp of Virginia and a good aromatic persistence pervades my palate instead in the exhalation phase leaving the pleasant aftertaste of “sweet manure” warned the nose.


Hunter is a premium e-liquid, a pipe tobacco which, although devoid of Latakia, is able to deliver a vape rich and varied thanks to its fragrance and its many facets that will be discovered slowly, tasting it on their atom of confidence. A fruit of a extraction process not only well done but above all an excellent aromatic refining process that has made possible the presence of notes and components so special and sought after.


A cloak swaying graceful grazing meadows and bushes hovering in the air heady wild perfumes, Hunter is an aristocrat liquid and almost baroque traits in his persistent sweet notes … Because in the end what is the Cavendish but the more baroque tobacco?

ico 4

Pro: A tasting tobacco pipe: aristocratic and rich with soft evasion.

Cons: The aromatic sweet persistence given by Virginia does not make it an all day.