Hurricane is produced by ToBe Italy and it’s a fruity, summery, fresh aroma.

Hurricane doesn’t have a particularly elaborate taste, being composed, for what I managed to perceive, with cinnamon, mint (very accentuated on the exhale) and what I believe a tropical fruits mix (surely pineapple but probably orange and apple with the others).

The final result is very minimal, simple, unfortunately not groundbreaking, the flavours perceived aren’t anything new in the e-liquid world. ToB’s merit, in this case, is creating a natural and realistic product without any “synthetic” or “chemical” hint.

Personally I consider it an “entry level” aroma to vape on low-wattage systems, since high temperatures tend to clash with the fresh feeling which Hurricane is supposed to give.

Definitely an aroma without highs or lows, for brief (preferrably in the summer) vaping sessions.

Recommended dilution: 9-10%

Steeping time: 2-3 days

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