E-liquid review: Hustle Grape (The Fuu) 60 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: HG20/80-00-017

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 20 PG / 80 VG

Expiry date: 09/2018

Devices: Laisimo Snowwolf 200 w plus + Vandy Vape Icon RDA dual coil 0.15 ohm (Kanthal A1 22 awg 0.60 mm) with Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

After a long time, let’s talk about the Fuu a well known e-liquids Parisian manufacturer and in particular today we’re going to talk about Hustle Grape e-liquid from the Fuug Life line that the manufacturer describes us in this way:

A tangy, grape-tasting sweet that means business. Sugar and spice and all things nice, an American approach with well-defined notes of red fruit. Did you fight at school for those purple Skittles? Well, hWell, here’s a mouthful.

The Hustle Grape Bottle in my possession is an “unicorn bottle” prepared in the new Mix Series 50 + 10 ml based on VPG 80/20. The graphic of the Fuug Life line is inspired by the font to the series of “Grand Theft Auto” video games, using a sympathetic animal as a symbol character for each product. Satin labels made with extreme care, colorful and very youthful for a modern audience and always attentive to the latest market news. Absolutely TPD ready.

the fuu hustle grape

The smell test shows a discreet alcoholic background that carries a scent of American clear-grain. I’m talking about the typical “grape” aroma we’ve met in many other liquids we reviewed, far from the grape flavor we are used to in Italy and France, but in the world of e-liquids, it has a great appetite, especially in fruity e-liqudis intended for summer consumption. The “grape” flavor appears rather prickly as it is strengthened by harsh and obvious lemon notes. The general lip of the liquid is poorly sweet even if I do not exclude (we will check it out in the vape test) the presence of sugar nuances with a rounding mixing function.

For the vaporization test I decided to use the Icon dripper by Vandy Vape with a 0.15 ohm coil.

skittles wild berry

From the first puffs Hustle Grape smiles at the papillos of the lovers of the decided and little sweet fruity products. Intense lime notes, pleasant but equally acidic, surround an aromatic mixture of red fruits and grapes. On the enhale a vigorous lime-grape couple, with the sharp notes of the lime mitigated by the grape aroma and its lightly sweet finishes. Flavorings can be associated more easily to the “candy” world than to real fruits, in a style (as evidenced by the manufacturer) typically made in the USA; but here the aromatic load is far from exaggerated and this guarantees a sense of discretion and sophistication that increases its enjoyability.

The flavors we mentioned were those typical of fruit gums, from those to the lemon-like flavor to the colorful blue and purple from the indefinable berries taste. I have deliberately used the word “indefinable” because in the candy industry, the flavors used and the resulting flavors are fairly artificial and as far as certain colors are easily identified and associated with tastes such as strawberry, raspberry, grape and other red fruits. If you think about it for a moment, you realize that there are tastes that have nothing to spell aromatic about with their real fruits.

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After a few minutes, the papillos quickly become accustomed to the more acidic inserts and the liquid reveals itself, especially in the central notes of the puff, lovable and tasty. The “grape” aroma, with a slight hint of sucralose, compacts itself with slight shades of red fruits and it gives a somewhat uniform and unmistakable taste. A taste called “Purple Skittles” from the manufacturer (see them in the picture below), there is to believe; As long as I do not remember having tasted it, I do not think their flavor can be so dissimilar to what you feel about dripping and vaping Hustle Grape. The e-liquid featured by The Fuu is however enriched by the good note of lime that characterizes and enlivens all the fruity bouquet.

purple skittles

The ultimate perception, though not too natural, is, however, pleasing and not overwhelming; in my opinion, the merit is to be attributed above all to the not too high aromatic load which, while guaranteeing a good aromatic post vape, does not completely trample the taste buds of the vaper. The liquid is also fun when faced with compulsion by giving long and powerful puffs; there is no risk of coming to wicked aromatic distortions. Always stable and composed also if you vape it at high wattages.

ico 3

Pro: The non-excessive aromatic load makes it pleasant and not tiring.

Cons: “Candy” notes a little bit artificial.