Hybrid Orientale Angolo della Guancia – Review


Today I am going to talk about the Hybrid line by Angolo della Guancia, a line of extracted aromas obtained with a more complex methodology than the simple distillation, which we have talked about extensively by reviewing the distillates aromas of the H2O line.

But what exactly is the great novelty introduced with the Hybrid aromas? All the aromas of the Angolo della Guancia Hybrid line derive from a triple extraction process: first the dried tobacco leaves are extracted by cavitation, then a new extraction is carried out by maceration, using as solvent the previously obtained aroma, and finally the process ends by distilling everything. The intent of the manufacturer is to offer the audience of vapers an aroma able to combine at the same time aromatic quality with cleanliness of the e-liquid.

Hybrid Orientale di Angolo della Guancia boccetta aroma 10 ml


So after talking to you about Hybrid H-Cigarette, here I am ready to test for you the aroma Hybrid Orientale, marketed in a 10 ml glass bottle to be diluted at 10%.

From the official website of Angolo della Guancia I report the description that is provided by Hybrid Orientale:

Samsun Turkish tobacco, sweet and slightly spicy with the addition of the very spicy Iranian Isfahani tobacco with strong herbaceous notes.


Hybrid Orientale has a golden yellow color, confirming the hypothesis of an extract with a probable greater aromatic imprinting than H2O distillates, on the other hand completely transparent. In support of this hypothesis, the smell examination comes to the rescue which establishes the presence of a lively and penetrating tobacco stamp, although it is, as just learned from the official description of the product, a blend of oriental tobaccos, notoriously fresh and light for characteristics of the leaf and for their cure.

Processo di distillazione illustrato

I perceive the herbaceous and vegetable notes of Isfahani tobacco which, although devoid of particular aromatic nuances, is a tobacco that on vape, we learned, is able to impact in a rather robust and analogical way on the vaper palate.


Devices: Quawins Vstick Pro DS coil 1,35 ohm + Svoëmesto Kayfun Lite 2019 RTA 24 mm single coil 0,9 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) with Fiber N’ Cotton.

Vstick Pro sigaretta elettronica con filtro    Kayfun Lite 2019 diametro 24 mm

For the review of Hybrid Orientale I used the Vstick Pro by Quawins and the German regenerable atomizer from Svoëmesto, the Kayfun Lite 2019 in the 24 mm version.

I start the Hybrid Orientale tasting and immediately discover a winking and unusually shady puff. It is precisely the blond Isfahani who dictates the rules of the game, and on vape it appears unexpectedly incisive, with hints of raw tobacco and leather that give an undoubtedly analogue sensory experience right from the inspiration. On the palate this blend always maintains an extreme cleanliness and linearity, the aromatic structure at times appears austere, and in any case devoid of particular aromatic nuances.

Tabacco Samsun

At the same time a slight smoky halo hovers far and wide in all phases of the puff, with aromatic traces that oscillate between notes of cork and treated leather, in a frame that always retains a fairly sweet background. In my opinion it is the Samsun tobacco that is responsible for this hinted touch of sweetness in the bouquet, even if to be honest I would have expected a sweetness accompanied by more spicy insertions (typical of oriental tobaccos) which indeed struggle not a little to emerge.

Foglia di tabacco orientale

The charge and the aromatic quality of Hybrid Orientale is more than good, frankly if you didn’t know that it is a “Hybrid” aroma , it could easily be mistaken for a classic tobacco extract by Angolo della Guancia, a sign of the great work of choosing raw materials. and of extraction technology that has been accomplished to make this aroma.

A clear step forward compared to the H2O line, which for its part can guarantee autonomy in vaping well over 60-70 milliliters. With the Hybrid line and in this case with the Orientale one, a coil manages to perform for about 20-25 ml of liquid, less than the distillates, but with a net gain in terms of aromatic satisfaction.

Tabacco Oriental


Hybrid Orientale proved to be a very well thought-out aroma able to have its say in the increasingly crowded world of italian extracted tobaccos. Compared to the previous H-Cigarette of the same line, Orientale wins the challenge and imposes itself not only because it is an e-liquid with an undoubted analogue value and with the ability to be a very valid all day, but above all because it shows off the quality of a tobacco, Isfahani, as generous and intriguing as too often not too much considered by Italian manufacturers of tobacco extracts.


Suggested dilution: 10-15%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recomended 3-5 days

The Flavourist voto 4

Pro: A pleasantly shady blend thanks to the presence of a tobacco, Isfahani as spartan as it is so good in vaporization

Cons: I would have tried to emphasize the spicy component of Samsun tobacco

Angolo della Guancia Logo

Name and Format: Hybrid Orientale (Angolo della Guancia) – Concentrated flavour 10 ml

Batch: HY0002

Used Base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry Date: 04/2023