Il Moro Vaporificio – Review


A dip in the past, a jump back in time of over six years which, for the electronic cigarette sector, represents a geological era. We are in September 2014 and the electronic cigarette, after taking its first steps in our country with a phase of incredible momentum between 2012 and 2013 followed, due to our institutions, by a strong setback, is looking for a more precise identity and consolidation for the years to come.

From abroad arrived the first rebuildable atomizers, making the sector a decisive leap in quality. Looking at our country, appear on the market the first productions of artisanal devices (there is still no talk of modders and high end), and on the e-liquid side, the company Vaporificio, launches the first three organic tobacco e-liquids, e-liquids coming from natural raw material and presents them in an elegant box called “Selezione”.

Vaporificio Selezione cofanetto anno 2014

In truth the extracted tobacco e-liquids are not an absolute novelty because in Europe, the English manufacturing company House of Liquid, had already started marketing its first organic tobacco e-liquids a few months ago (do you remember the name El Toro?), but it is to Vaporificio that must be attributed the indisputable merit of having started what would soon become a real school of thought and an all-Italian peculiarity.

With the Selezione box and with the three e-liquids Cumberland, Izmir and Il Moro, begins officially the industrial manufacturing of organic tobacco e-liquids, a variety of liquids which, especially in Italy, is still enjoying unprecedented success. Since that September 2014, the growth and spread of organic tobaccos in our country and, to a lesser extent also abroad, has been impressive and unstoppable with an offer of new products and manufacturers that has multiplied over time. Meanwhile The Selezione e-liquids by Vaporificio are no longer produced and slowly end up in oblivion, at least yes to today…

Yes, because instead with great surprise, last December, six years after their first release, Vaporificio, which in the meantime has continued to reap success with many other quality products (The One Orange, Barrique, Vanilla Bourbon etc) brings to light the three progenitors of this much appreciated category of e-juices. This is the second life of Cumberland, Izmir and Il Moro.


And The Flavourist, as always sensitive to e-cig industry news, today will deal with the review of the Il Moro aroma, probably the most appreciated of the Selezione line, which can rightly be considered the father of all Kentucky tobacco extracts. Il Moro is back on the market in the 10 ml concentrated aroma format inside an amber glass bottle; the product, according to what is indicated by the manufacturer itself, is to be diluted at 10% within a base as close as possible to VPG 50/50.

Being a tobacco macerate, as indicated on the product label itself, it is an aroma that requires a minimum period of steeping (not less than 15 days), a period necessary for the base and aroma to blend in the best possible way, up to giving the e-liquid the right aromatic consistency.

Vaporificio Il Moro Selezione anno 2014

On the manufacturer’s official website, Il Moro is described as follows:

Realizzato con foglie di tabacco Kentucky fire-cured è un parente del classico sigaro italiano. L’affumicatura delle foglie conferisce al tabacco un sapore tostato, forte e deciso, quasi analogico. Mantiene inalterate le caratteristiche della foglia, chiaramente percepibili durante l’espirazione in un gusto dolciastro quasi caramellato.

Made with fire-cured Kentucky tobacco leaves it is a relative of the classic Italian cigar. The smoking of the leaves gives the tobacco a toasted, strong and decisive, almost analogue flavor. It maintains the characteristics of the leaf unaltered, clearly perceptible during exhalation in a sweetish almost caramelized taste.


Il Moro has a lively caramel color and on the smell it immediately shows the typical features and aromas of a Kentucky extract. I stop for a moment, thinking and reflecting on the fact that today is all too easy and obvious to assert what I have just said about the smell test of Il Moro, considering the infinite variety of tobacco extracts available on the market. But if I imagine myself again in that late summer of 2014, then surely I can guess all the amazement that arose at the time from the nasal test of Il Moro, and from having smelled for the first time the smell of Kentucky tobacco in shape liquid; that intense and decisive scent and that mix of notes of treated leather and smoked wood.

Il Moro SIgaro Toscano

The amazement and disbelief of the first time are transformed today into awareness of the qualities of a product that, after a long time, retains intact all its charm.


Devices: ExVape Expromizer V3 Fire RTA single coil 1.10 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) + Kizoku Limit RTA single coil 0.95 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) with Fiber N’ Cotton.


For the review of Il Moro I decided to rely on two very valid and performing atomizers especially with dark organic tobacco e-juices: the ExVape Expromizer V3 Fire and the Limit RTA by Kizoku.

The puff of Il Moro is immediately deep and enveloping and I feel great pleasure in savoring the nuances of this e-liquid after so many years. Vape amarcord? Not even for a dream because the quality of the creation by Vaporificio proves to be more relevant than ever even after so long after the first release. The top notes, woody and slightly smoky, take me inside a rather intense and dark tobacco frame; not without a hint of surprise, however, I notice that Il Moro turns out to be less rude than suggested by the smell test.

Kentucky Tabacco foglia

In fact there is not much to be surprised because, a macerated Kentucky is always a little less strong than an extracted Kentucky (I am thinking of the mechanical extraction processes currently used to obtain most of the organic tobacco flavors) and aromatically speaking, on the palate a Kentucky macerated is perceived softer but at the same time also delicately more elegant. This is also the case for Il Moro which, alongside the more incisive and dry timbres of inspiration, combines sinuous caramel shades, perceptible in the heart of the vape together with vivid notes of leather.

Vaporificio Liquidi Selezione locandina anno 2014

Il Moro is not in the least comparable in strength to the most recent Kentucky extracts on the market, but among the Kentucky tobaccos it is the most refined and noble one I can imagine. A long maturation can undoubtedly help to give it more strength, but it will always remain without that hit in the throat and that sharpness typical of a modern Kentucky extract. Its bouquet, while maintaining a dark and shady background, develops around a score in which hints of toasted caramel blend with the taste of raw tobacco. And they are puffs of absolute pleasure …

Even at the end of the vape a sweet note persists on the palate and “dirty” the woody and raw roughness of Kentucky that resurface at the end of the puff on exhalation. Finally, the post-vaping aromatic persistence is moderate but incredibly pleasant.


The return of Il Moro by Vaporificio after more than six years from the first release, is very useful to understand how in this period of time, thanks also to a truly massive offer, the tastes of vaper lovers of extracted tobaccos have changed; today people who vape a Kentucky fire cured extract are basically looking for a strong, smoky product with deep notes of manure. At the same time, however, the aroma of the italian company, although to be considered an “old style” product, still shows all its value, showing itself in tasting with a quality of the raw material and an aromatic class to sell. The Vaporificio has a lot to teach …

Suggested dilution: 10%

Steeping time: min 15-20 days

Pro: The father of all the Kentucky extracted that for elegance puts many of its successors in line

Cons: By current standards it is a little too soft

Name and Format: Il Moro (Vaporificio) – Aroma concentrato 10 ml

Batch: n.d

Used Base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry Date: n.d