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E-liquid review: Indie Pop (Green Fog) 40 ml- received by the manufacturer

Declared base: 20 PG / 80 VG

Batch: S320517

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Expiry date: 11/2018

Devices: Laisimo Snowwolf 200w plus + Geekvape Peerless RDA dual coil 0.19 ohm (SS316L 24 awg 0.50 mm ) with Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

Today we meet another e-liquid labeled Green Fog, the new Italian brand born from a collaboration between Dr Fortunato Francia and Rino Cucci, names of undisputed reference within the national e-liquid landscape.

Indie Pop, the subject of today’s review, it’s an e-liquid by the Electro Line, a group of 13 e-liquids marketed in the well known Mix Series format, in this case 30 ml + a 10 ml base optionally with nicotine. This e-liquid  has a 80/20 VPG composition and it’s offered in comfortable PE bottle with a handy narrow tip dropper, perfect for any type of refill. The line is inspired by the world and the history of electronic music, synthesizers, rhythms and genres of disco, funk and pop from the 70’s to the present. The same graphics and packaging of the entire line, very basic and minimal, has a pleasing “equalizer” style.

indie pop

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The manufacturer describes Indie Pop as follows:

A blend of tastes inspired by the vintage atmosphere of cinemas in the 70s, the counterculture movement, the student assemblies, the independent rock/pop.

Hair in Beatles style and pacifiers pants for this e-liquid which represents an irresistible balance of steam and flavor of cereal, popcorn, vanilla, caramel and cane sugar.

Impossible don’t taste it!

I’m going to test the liquid on the smell noticing its color so intensely opaque. A shade of dark brown that remembers so much the color of some tasty extracted tobacco liquids and that inevitably makes me think of a product not too kind with the coils.

The scent that comes out of the bottle is gently intriguing. The background of the liquid has lively hints of corn accompanied by a slightly biting stretch that remembers a kind of roasting; an effective framework that projects with good credibility the image of a handful of freshly prepared popcorn. A sweet and caramelized frame intensely envelops the notes of corn, immediately pointing out that it is not a classic and simply salty popcorn, anything else… The general feeling of softness and naturalness induces me to an immediate vape test as the olfactory test was overcome with full marks.
popcorn caramellati

For the vape test I prepared my Peerless RDA in dual coil with 316L stainless steel for a final resistance of 0.2 ohms; I confess that the manufacturer has directed me to this kind of configuration suitable for aerated and powerful vaporizations.

Indie Pop’s first puffs reveal a more complex and structured e-liquid than olfactory perceptions. During the inspiration, the scene is captivated by roasted and slightly salty corn notes that give the whole structure a wealth of enviable taste. I’m captured by the aromatic fidelity of the liquid to the real product, although it does not, I admit, a kind of snack I particularly like. In the central phase of the puff, there are sweet caramel and vanilla nuances, supported by light ethylmaltol shadings overlapping the maize base without blurring it. The feeling of a caramelised popcorn is clear and perfect and the whole mix now becomes extremely full and round. Libidinous!
smok tfv8 bigbaby

The use of cane sugar is winning, used to effectively recreate the toasted and vaguely smoky sensation that makes the entire creation look like, while the salted tips blur in the backs during exhalation, leaving the palate the typical feeling of the mischief of hot corn hammered and crackling.

Indie Pop, while being a very sweet e-liquid, does not shine and does not stand out for its sweetness but for the coupling of the fragrant and dignified corn fragments, and the caramelization of the corn, soft and voluptuous.

It is here that the creative art of Dr. Francia emerges, in structuring a slim, intelligent aromatic e-juice able to satisfy always and in any case. Indie Pop is a “four seasons” e-liquid.
popcorn caramello

Caramelized Popcorn is a variant of the most classic salty popcorn, which in recent years, crossing the Atlantic quickly has landed directly in our cinemas. An American recipe we imported quickly and likewise.

Gree Fog here offers us its interpretation for the world of vaping. And what a beautiful interpretation! Definitely an Oscar intepretation ! And our team will not forget to keep it in mind for the 2017 The Flavourist Oscar.
ico 5

Pro: Caramelized Popcorn: an American recipe with the Italian class and style.


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