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Name and Format: Innovatio (Vaporificio) – Concentrated flavour 20 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: L.LHVB0519

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared Base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 05-2021

Devices: SVA penguin 75W + Oxygène  Vampire Epos single coil 1.05 ohm (Ni 80 28AWG 0,32mm) + Cotton Bacon Prime.

Returning from the international vaping fair, Vapitaly 2019, we realized we were overwhelmed by the innovations presented in the 3 days of Verona, each producer wanted to express its many new features, so many that we don’t really know where to start. A producer, however, gave us inspiration, presenting a liquid that fits perfectly with what was said, new things to be discovered that can be translated into innovation, and this is the name of the liquid that we will talk about Innovatio di Vaporificio.

The Vaporificio has always been active in the field of tobacco, perhaps one of the first companies to focus on this direction, the innovations that have followed each year have maintained a great level and have often been awarded by our team, resulting in winners on several occasions. The Italian house that certainly does not want to stop has brought several innovations to Vapitaly 2019. The new line is called n 1.12 and is composed, for the moment, by two other eliquids as well as by Innovatio are also part of a first production Eureka and Primus, which will soon appear on these pages.

The novelty also passes from the sales mode of this new line, in fact we will not find the classic bottle containing the 10 ml of aroma to be diluted, this time Vaporificio proposes its liquids in the shotseries format, the classic formulation of the 20ml to which to add the 20ml of VG and 50/50 nicotinata base to obtain 60ml 50/50 in the final phase. Since we are talking about bottles and packaging, a small parantesi is necessary on the fresh and well-groomed graphics of the entire package, the red background is populated by black writings, the name is intersected in a graphically elegant decoration and well designed, everything is very clean and gives a first impact hard to forget.

Innovatio boxbottle

Before starting we come to the description of the product that is supplied to us by Vaporificio:

Innovatio by name and in fact is a blend of sweet tobaccos, Cavendish and Oriental, expertly blended with an intense note given off by the essence of blueberries, all embraced by the sweet scent of the fourth chocolate: Ruby Chocolate, the true aroma innovation.

Reading the description we can only confirm that the name of this liquid fits perfectly with what we expected: innovation. An innovation translated to the aromatic level by the first liquid that contains Ruby Chocolate, the latest creation chocolate that combines some bitter red fruit flavors in the cocoa taste, certainly interesting to find it in a liquid that wants to be an organic tobacco but which winks at lovers of sweet and almost fruity liquids adding the notes of blueberries.


The olfactory test immediately reveals very special aromatic sensations. We can hardly perceive the notes of tobacco, even when it comes to finding it inside a single extraction, but here even more so, the protagonists are the blueberries that show up in a saucy way from the beginning with slightly acidic notes but at the same sweet time. I don’t know who of you has ever tasted the Ruby Chocolate but here it really seems to find it in front of us, chocolate notes mixed with sensations of red fruits. Only in the final part we notice small bitter notes, dictated by the presence of tobacco, which really create a pleasant contrast not affecting the strong aromatized component of the whole eliquid.

cioccolato ruby


From the first puff we understand the reason for the name of the liquid. The first puff is really complex, and not easy to interpret, on an aromatic level I cannot approach it in my experience with any other liquid tried up to now. The innovation is all in this wisely balanced and calibrated addition to the Ruby Chocolate, which appears first on the scene, filling the steam with contrasting sensations on the one hand, the sweetness of red fruits combined with the fresh and acidulous notes of blueberries, on the other the bitterest note is combined with the tobacco presence, creating a rich combination of aromatic charge and nuances ranging from slightly spicy to the most sweet and round.

Innovatio is a liquid that must be understood, we cannot stop at the first impression, the complex recipe involves the use of many different ingredients and the aromatic combination that derives from puff to puff. At the beginning, the steam is certainly rich and full, and a pleasant sensation of sweetness dominates, chocolate mixes with the most delicious notes of blueberries and red fruit, creating a fruity blanket in our palate. The flavors are real and well defined, never excessive or too invasive. Only in the second part we can perceive the tabaccose notes, between one puff and the other we discover the sweeter and more moribund black cavendish that interacts with the sweet part of the eliquid raising the sugary values ​​of the recipe. At other times, oriental tobacco emerges with its spicy notes, creating a nice contrast by joining in a fruity and slightly spicy vortex. In both cases, however, the bitter note given by Ruby Chocolate is always present and perfectly balances the entire aromatic range. The final phase and persistence on the tongue are truly unique, the sweet blends with the bitter taste recreating a feeling of freshness not going to weigh down the palate but leaving it ready for a new and overwhelming breath.


A liquid that adds something new to the panorama of flavored tobaccos with a sparkling and well-studied recipe that will meet the pleasure of many vapers. Ruby Chocolate can be really interesting for future and innovative recipes.

Steeping time: ready to vape.

ico 4

Pro: Experimentation of new tastes and flavors really well succeeded.

Cons: Aromatically, perhaps too soft.