From a The Flavourist idea, the new tobacco extracts line manufactured by Officine Svapo

“The decadent charm of the Wild West revives in Poncho, Il Monco, and Agua Caliente, three tobacco extracts produced in cooperation with The Flavourist and inspired by the Dollar Trilogy of great director Sergio Leone.”

Oops, we did it too! Yes, after many years of testing and reviewing hundreds of e-liquids, our team felt ready and mature to venture into the creation of tobacco extracts line. So we decided to present the project to a manufacturing company that we believe could share and embrace our creative concept, a historical company that well embodies tradition and quality and with a typical Italian vintage style.

Thus was born a beautiful collaboration with Officine Svapo, a brand well known for its noble tobacco extracts and more generally for the philosophy of maximum enhancement of Made in Italy. A synergy aimed to create a series of high quality products that highlights the undisputed primacy Italy holds in the vaping segment reserved to organic tobacco and slow vape.

We took our inspiration from the film world, one of the many fields in which Italy is an absolute symbol of world excellence, fascinated by the slightly nostalgic memory for that western genre, marked by the indelible signature of the great Sergio Leone.

The Italian Western Collection line is born with the desire to pay homage to the creative art of our master of cinema, recreating those sensations and those rustic, raw and wild atmospheres of modern western movies: from Sergio Leone’s spaghetti western to Officine Svapo and The Flavourist western vape era.

And this time is our turn to be judged …

Italian Western Collection


“Warm and enveloping like the ample mantel used as protection in the inhospitable, endless lands of the Far West. Poncho is an extract of Verona Tobacco, a precious and full-bodied flued cured with unique, unmatched features.”

  • FORMAT: aroma 10 ml
  • TYPE: Single tobacco
  • STRENGTH: Medium
  • DILUTION: 10%
  • STEEPING: 7-15 days

Il Monco

“Mysterious, dark and gloomy, Il Monco hides a very complex blend of Syrian Latakia, Verona Tobacco and Kentucky from Benevento. A structured mix with raw, deeply dark hues and an intense old fashion taste.”

  • FORMAT: aroma 10 ml
  • TYPE: Tobacco blend
  • STRENGTH: Medium-strong
  • DILUTION: 10%
  • STEEPING: 7-15 days

Agua Caliente

“Have you ever heard about Agua Caliente? Some say it’s a secrete mixture, obtained from a blend of Kentucky, Latakia and Perique Tobaccos, combined with sweet potato and blackcurrant extracts. Rude but sweet, the vapeador’s morning awakening.”

  • FORMAT: aroma 10 ml
  • TYPE: Tobacco flavored
  • STRENGTH: Medium-strong
  • DILUTION: 10%
  • STEEPING: 7-15 days



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