E-liquid review: Jagger Master (Brasseur Syndicate) 30 ml – received by the producer

Batch: none

Nico: 6 mg/ml

Declared base: 40% VG – 55% PG

Expiry date: none

Devices: Rx200 + Griffin 25mm top air  dual coil 0,21 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

Today we present a recipe of Brasseur Syndicate. Jagger Master. A creamy e-liquid in a very competitive market that now has literally conquered the vaper worldwide. Creamy sweet e-liquid.

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In the bowl of Jagger Master missing – to appear aligned to a European product – only a few icons and the tactile dot for the blind. For the rest, while maintaining a pleasant visual style, the label is full of information. Related to security, the composition of the liquid … and there is also a curious but honest description of his recipe:

Made from selected finest hazelnut combined with exclusive caramel sweetness than will make you fell heaven is just one step away.

Jaegger Master Brasseur Syndicate

The sniff test shows very masculine notes undoubtedly associated to the aromatic group of the nuts. Woody notes, wooded frame a marked fragrance rude, but with a sweet character. Yet, on the nose, Jagger Master reserves nuances in consonance with the poorest of hidden coffee definitely in the recipe. Already olfactory examination I must admit that it is not totally agree with the proposal description on the label by Brasseur Syndicate. It is not simply a hazelnut flavor notes, but a more complex molecular mix that although containing a slight reference to the hazelnut, collects itself the most characteristic elements of different types of nuts. Not almond, for example, but surely pecan nut and that particular woody scent and hot shell.


Jagger Master was delivered in 6mg ml nicotine content. I still decided to test it on Griffin 25mm top air with the setup that you can read in the introduction of the review. Do not be surprised. There are unfortunately used to. More and you can not retrieve a lower nicotine content and the spirit of The Flavourist leads us often to defer on this aspect. But this, however, we can address sometimes interesting considerations. We’ll see it later.

Great… is the first adjective that comes to mind starting the Jagger Master vaping test. The breath is full-bodied and the mix of the recipe appears immediately elegantly involved in a game of contrast between sweetness and woodiness softened by a light and delicious caramel. Suction nuts teases the taste with a soft steam rich. In a pleasant persistence, the taste slips into the sweetest sensations but measured. Later, after exhalation, we perceive more woody and dry notes reminiscent of coffee glazes. The sweet taste in the mouth remains in a perpetual contract with walnut base notes from the hot and delicious body. All this happens within a few seconds at a power range between 45/55w. Exceeding the threshold of 60w the breath now has a more sweet creaminess and coffee shades seem to disappear and then re-emerge only in the long lasting aroma, now less woody and softer. Hazenut finally.


dessert-nocciole-caramelloUnder these conditions of vaping, increasing the temperature, Jagger Master is aligning more to the proposal description from the manufacturer. Hit very satisfactory, as the expectations of taste. Not particularly resent the high nicotine content, because the steam creaminess manages to tame it. Emerge mild acids in sweet accents that malgama can only enrich the tasting. Jagger Master is transformed into a delicious dessert hazelnut nougat and caramel but manages to retain shady character known to most in its aromatic persistence. Great short. Suitable for different conditions of vaping. If the taste should then be too cloying, it is sufficient to limit the power within the 40/45w. A power contained the sweetness Jagger Master reaches levels of extreme delicacy.

ico 4

Pro: A changing taste, but always pleasant that enhances creaminess and sweetness with higher temperatures up to extreme levels.

Cons: Glazes coffee disperse increasing temperatures. Sin.